The Cutest, Cheesiest Pokémon Prom Proposal Ever

There's no way the girl being asked to prom in this video could have said no. Ash Ketchum — or, 'ok, a high schooler dressed up as Ash — commanding the attention of the entire cafeteria, complete with an announcement, a Pokéball and cheesy poetry? No way she could have said no.

I wish my high school prom proposal was anywhere near as eventful as this. It was more like my girl (space) friend and I looked at each other and were like, "Yeah, OK, let's go together." Breaking high school social rules everywhere!

[baushaus24 via Geekologie]


    I'm pretty sure he would've been beaten up at my high school. XD

      Probably not on the spot, though... at least at my school they would have waited until he was crossing the oval at the end of the day.

      There could be a sequel video that we haven't seen.

        Luckily he's got Pokémon to defend himself with!

          Wish they were real.

          Maxine! GO!!!!!!

          Maxine used Sassy-arm-triangle-of-insecurity!!!!

          It's not very effective........

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