The First Major Publisher Confirmed For PAX Australia Might Suprise You...

Or it might not. I won't pretend to know what you're thinking! But I will, in the grand tradition of every reality show ever produced in Australia, tell you after the break!

It's Nintendo.

It's not that we didn't expect Nintendo to appear at PAX Australia, of course we did. It's just that I wouldn't have expected them to be the first confirmed publisher. Especially when you consider that Nintendo isn't making a big fuss of E3 this year.


    I'd rather have confirmation that Sony's bringing the PS4.

    i would for the audience to have access to rotten tomatoes to throw at every single publisher that price gouges us. it would be so wonderful to see 2k games walk up and immediately be met by a barrage of rotten fruit all while live

    It's THQ! woooo

    If this means I can get my grubby little hands on a new Zelda or XenUblade then I will be a happy man.

      OOOO and maybe a new 3D Mario Platformer, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Retro Studio's new game


      Yeah... no. That's not happening. Those games are ages away. Especially X. They might show you a video and if you're lucky it'll have new things in it.

    Legend of Zelda Wii U announcement at PAX CONFIRMED!

    That's what you said, right? Sweet.

    Last edited 03/05/13 3:26 pm

      If that was a chance then I might consider picking up a wiiU... Even though it is current gen sigh.

    The two things that will move me to buy a wii U are Metroid and Zelda. However, given the most recent entries of both series have been pretty mediocre, its not a guarantee.

      Galaxy was a great Mario game

        Hahaha. I failed to reply to the correct person, and I think you made the same mistake.

        I agree about Mario Galaxy by the way, but I'm not convinced that can bottle that lightning twice.

    Definately the only real decent Mario Game ever released was Mario 64. Either have a HD version or perhaps another like it and I will literally throw my money at the presenters.

    Well looks like I'll actually have something to do while I'm there now!


    Makes sense, they aren't spending the big bucks to be at E3 so they can be elsewhere.

    You're missing the fireburst across the break. So disappointed.

    Damn. I should have expected to regret not jumping in and grabbing a ticket - but now that there's a real possibility of playing the awesomeness Nintendo has promised for E3, pre-release ... just damn.
    What else was I expecting though?

    I just hope the Occulus rift will be there, I'd love to have a go.

    Even though I don't have a ticket (random angry swear words) I'm glad this is the case. Hopefully, rather than announcing something at E3, which has become more about press than video game fans, they will choose to announce something at an event like this.
    Honestly, they'd probably get more coverage than competing with the E3 rat race.

    I think after E3 is when you'll get a tonne of anouncement real quick

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