The Glitchiest–And Sometimes Very Painful–Fails Of April 2013

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Falling on your crotch is funny, when it’s in a video game. So is dying multiple times over for no apparent reason.

Achievement Hunter hosts a separate YouTube channel, called Game Fails, that they fill with random deaths, glitches, and outright outrageous instances in all sorts of games. It can sometimes be hit or miss. But that’s why I love when they do roundups of the best of the year, or, say, the best of April 2013.

You can watch their compilation above, but be wary of the number 1 fail of last month, cause it’s a little NSFW.


  • Inb4 people hate on their voices. How dare they attempt to be entertaining with exaggerated comical voices. Do they not understand that stammering awkward commentary is the acceptable practice?

    • As a long-time viewer of ‘Australia’s Funniest Home Videos’ on channel 9 when I was a kid, I can but nod sagely. The only thing they’re missing is some attractive blonde spouting the worst puns on the earth and wearing various new experimental designs every episode to draw in a little extra ad money.

      • I lost interest in Funniest Home Videos eons ago, once I realised that 95% of their videos are only “funny” (and I use that word in the broadest possible sense) because of the voiceover guy.

        • I think the videos of people falling over are funny on their own, but it’s only the falling part which is funny. So if you want high impact, you need to chain together a whole bunch of them in rapid succession. The key purpose of the voice-over guys seems to have been to lend a gag to the falling, and pad out the clip to allow for the set-up of that gag. You don’t want to blow through all your footage in just five episodes after all.

      • Let’s not forget the always hilarious “trouser-falling-down” slide whistle (a xylophone glissando will do in a pinch), and “overweight-person-falling-on-posterior” jaw harp sound effects.

      • Did you know that roosterteeth, achievement hunter’s parent company, prominently features an attractive blond who makes bad puns? Or was that who you were referring to?

    • As someone who works in QA, I can guarantee you that QA *DID* pick up on them, but the developers made the call to not fix them. No game ships without bugs, and glitches like this are often pushed down the priority list during end-game crunch in favour of fixing the bad bugs like crashes or the ones the players are most likely to run into.

      That’s ignoring the fact that #4 and #2 aren’t actually glitches, though.

    • Yeah, like @whitepointer said. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone read through the archive of QA-submitted stories in the Trenches webcomic done as a PA/PVP collab. It was eye-opening for an outsider like moi, and I’ll probably never again utter, “Did they even fucking test this?” Because the depressing reality is that they probably did, looked at what it would take to fix it, then said, “Nope, we’ll miss ship date. Ship it as is.”

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