The God Of Schemes Acts Natural In The Elder Scrolls Online

Daedric Prince Molag Bal, is the Cobra Commander of Tamriel, always trying to enslave the souls of the world to his will, always going about it the wrong way. He's the god of schemes, after all — not the god of carefully crafted plans.

For instance, there's an ancient prophecy in the Elder Scrolls that says Molag Bal's plans will be thwarted by the Soulless One. One would think that removing souls from people would be off the menu at that point, but no.

One can't help but wonder what other wacky schemes Molag Bal has hatched in the past. "Lure souls to a petting zoo? But Sire, you're allergic to wool!" Oh that Molag Bal.

Find out more about Molag Bal's Elder Scrolls Online schemes and his plan to merge Tamriel with his home of Coldharbour over at the Bethesda Blog.


    Cool. But I laughed when they got to the sentence "in fact, the player IS the Soulless One".

    Well, no crap there. That's the same as almost every bloody game out there. It sounds a bit disappointing after a game like Oblivion, where Martin Septim played such an integral role in the endgame.

      Yeah I liked that about Oblivion - you were not the "Chosen One" for once, you were just this guy who happened to be awesome.

    This game is going to be awful, the reckless disregard for established lore is just terrible.

      You're wrong, but honestly, elaborating on it would take too much time and effort.

        Similarly, going through and getting all my sources would take a lot of work, and I really don't want to have to do that.
        You just saved us both a lot of time. You deserve a promotion.

          Swing and a miss. He was mocking you for saying it would be terrible without even bothering to explain why.

    Lawrence Schick, my goodness, his voice is like chocolate for my ears.

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