The Greatest Comic Book Cover Ever Printed

Pretty sure I just had a heart attack. Coming exclusively to Transformers Botcon in San Diego from June 27-30, this variant cover for issue five of IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic micro-series is artist artist Tony Fleecs' way of reaching into my chest and grabbing hold of my heart with his ink-stained fingers.

Here's a tiny look at the full cover, for Comic Book Resources has the exclusive and I do not wish to steal anyone's thunder. Besides, seeing it full-size in one sitting might kill you.

What, you've seen a better comic book cover? Then share it. I can almost guarantee I will not agree.


    Actually, the greatest ever cover was the all-black embossed cover for Batman #515. This is... a pony.

    Covers for issues of Crossed are superior in almost every way. I am disappointed.

      Read Issue one of Crossed so far. So utterly messed up - but such an amazing story. I really really love it.
      But brutal as alll hell!

    It seems Optimus is scratching his head in the same way I do every time the internet talks about My Little Pony. Wtf is this shit?

    Yeah... ..nah.
    I've been seeing a bit of brony stuff here lately.
    I'm just going to stick to from now.

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