The Hardest Part About Playing GlaDOS Was Pretending To Be A Potato

Ellen McLain the voice of GlaDOS has just done an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and it was actually pretty entertaining! She went over a number of topics including how her performance affected the writing of the second game, if she would be willing to be an announcer for DOTA 2! She also named her favourite line she delivered as GlaDOS!

Which was...

"Eating tofu and giving you good advice aren't mutually exclusive."


On her performance affecting the writing of Portal 2...

I think that my work on Portal affected the writing for Portal 2. Erik and Jay and Chet realized what a bitch I am and they just played along.

The most difficult part about playing GlaDOS...

It was when I was a potato battery. They kept telling me I sounded too strong, I needed to sound weaker.

If you have a second jump across to Reddit and check it out. Ellen McClain is awesome.


    Not one to complain, but it's getting tiresome reading Kotaku to find it's just become a series of links to reddit, which I read regularly as well.

    Secondly, that first quote isn't a (direct) quote from the game, it's actually a part-reference to the redditor's name she was responding to.

    Why dont you marry her then

      She's taken. :(
      ...and getting on a bit. But that'd still probably be worth it to have a wife who delivers food to you with a synthesized line of poorly-veiled contempt and malice.

      Married to the Sniper, no less.

        From Reddit: I'm not smart enough to play computer games, but my husband John plays several of them including TF2.

        How sweet would it be to play against the Sniper? :D

          I hope he does the voice over the mic. That would be the most amazing thing.

    Sounds like an awesome lady indeed

    She was the highlight of a truly brilliant game. Love it how in the co-op she's always trying to turn you against each other.

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