The Insane Kick In EA’s Xbox One Sports Montage Actually Happened In Real Life

The Insane Kick In EA’s Xbox One Sports Montage Actually Happened In Real Life
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When it comes to sport, it’s the job of video game trailers to provide a hyper-real version of the competition we love. In football we see overhead kicks, in basketball it’s a slam dunk. They show spectacular moments that rarely happen in real life. For the debut of EA’s new UFC game, EA showed off a kick that seemed so crazy that it couldn’t possibly have happened in real life. But it did.

Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis is currently scheduled to fight perennial featherweight champ Jose Aldo in a bout scheduled for this year. He’s already beaten Benson Henderson, the champion in the weight class above. He’s also one of the most creative strikers in all of martial arts.

[clear]The ‘showtime’ kick that EA animated in the above trailer occurred during the Benson Henderson fight, and actually helped win him the WEC Lightweight championship. It is one of the most celebrated moments in MMA history. And I never get tired of watching it.

Crazily, he’s done similar moves before. In his last fight, against Donald Cerrone, he unleashed a ‘showtime’ knee, which actually caught Cerrone square on the jaw, and contributed to a decisive knockout win.

Pettis specialises in doing the kind of crazy moves you would only expect to see in video games. Click here to watch more. Apologies in advance for the truly, truly terrible music.


  • Oh Mark, any excuse for an MMA article 😛

    That said, god damn I’m excited for an EA Sports UFC game.

    Also, Hunt or JDS?

    • I’m cautiously optimistic about a new EA MMA. I hope the striking is better this time around. Looking forward to seeing how the ground game comes out, though, because it was definitely better than THQ’s first couple of efforts.

      Oh, and I love both JDS and Hunt, but I really hope Hunt gets to ride this crazy train all the way to the title, cause that would be amazing.

      Anyone know how to find Melbourne pubs showing it? Google is only giving me 2 options.

      • I actually never played EA MMA, I always heard it was okay, not great. I love the last THQ UFC game, but I feel like EA has the ability to make it better, especially if the Fight Night team are involved.

        JDS has plenty of title fights in his future, this is probably Hunt’s last run, and I’d absolutely love to see him make it there.

    • I have a passionate and irrational hatred for Anthony Pettis’s facial hair so I’m hoping Aldo double-jumping knees it off his face.

      Also Nova Uniao!

  • Looking forward to a next gen UFC game.
    If you can actually do the showtime kick in game that would be awesome!

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