The Last Of Us: The Series: Episode 1

Teased a few months back, the first episode of What Remains, a series based on Naughty Dog's upcoming The Last Of Us, is now out. It's 18 minutes long.

While it looks like an official tie-in, it's actually the work of Manifest Film, a team of gaming filmakers who, when this is done, are hoping to do a whole lot more video game homage work.

If this is the quality we can expect from fans, let's hope they get that chance.

You can check out more about the project at its official site.

What Remains [Site]


    Holy crap that looks EPIC! Screw The Walking Dead "Lets take 2 seasons to do anything" mentality, this looks great!

    Oh dear, Sony went and got some XBone in their PS3.
    Quips aside, that was rather well done, and I now dislike funguloids.

      I dont mean to rustle your jimmies but Sony had nothing to do with this production. It was entirely fan made.

        Not at all rustled. Thanks for pointing it out, I'm even more impressed now.

    Very put off by the tasteless boob shot at the very start, and she's not that concerned for her safety if she's not closing doors behind her.

    For something that is considered an official companion piece to TLOU, this seems really fan filmy. The girl can't act, and what's with that sound effect/music effect running through most of that scene? Do they think just because they use it, it will create tension? /rant

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