The Lineup For This Tactical Simulation Is Insane

The Lineup For This Tactical Simulation Is Insane

Banpresto’s Super Robot Wars games are famous for having a mish-mash of characters from all kinds of different mecha games and anime. Not only are multiple different series placed in the same game together with an amalgamated storyline that can be surprisingly cohesive, but the characters will interact and share events in a way that would make a copyright lawyer’s head spin.

Now, Banpresto is moving beyond the mecha anime/game genre and on to the… Heroine genre?

Super Heroine Chronicle, like the Super Robot Wars games, is a tactical simulation in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, with units moving about and fighting on grid-based maps. Combat takes place in the form of cinematic cut scenes with units performing spectacular attacks on one another. Instead of mecha, the units in Super Heroine Chronicle are female characters from popular anime/game series. Here is a list of the appearing series:

Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel

Kyousou Giga

Digi Charat


Super Sonico

When They Cry

Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Infinite Stratos

The Familiar of Zero F

Dream Hunter Reimu

There will also be Banpresto original characters created specifically for the game. Watch the trailer above to see them all in cutesy crazy action.

I’m quite confident that Banpresto can place all these different series in the same world and make it work (They managed to get SD Gundam characters in the same game as other Gundam series, so I guess they must know their stuff). Even so, I can’t imagine exactly how. Personally, I’m looking forward to this game just to see.

Super Heroine Chronicle is set for release in Japan on the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita. No release date has been announced at this time.


  • Feels really odd to see early 90s stuff like Dream Hunter Rem and DiGi Charat alongside all this late-00s stuff though. Makes you wonder what their criteria for selecting the stuff to pull from was.

  • I”m most dubious about the lack of male characters. How would they be able to make any sort of a story other than tongue-in-cheek if there isn’t any of the opposite gender?

    • The same way stories get written that have next to no women in them. And that’s surprisingly common.

  • Amazing lineup from anime… Now is there a playable character i can play thats not a 12yo girl?

  • I’m kinda hoping this series does well. Banpresto made two really great crossover titles in both Super Robot Taisen and Another Century, and as the games were found to be successful more companies were willing to lend Banpresto their intellectual property in subsequent entries in both series. I’m hoping that in the next installment we’ll see some of the franchises by Toei, Shaft, J.C Staff and Seven Arcs.

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