The Most Delightfully Narcissistic Man On Facebook

The Most Delightfully Narcissistic Man On Facebook

Some narcissists are bad. Not all of them, though! Some narcissists are amazing. Take Ahmed Angel.

Recently in the West, Angel’s images have started to appear on forums and on websites. This weekend, Japan discovered him. There are those who are being mean to Angel — which isn’t cool! How can you be mean to anyone with incredible photos like this?

Love it! Angel’s Facebook page has several hundred photos of his own face — and that’s it. Some of the images are proper portraits, while others use online photo editors like PhotoFunia, PhotoFaceFun, and PicJoke, which takes you to, an online photo editor with “fun photo effects, photo frames, nice collages and realistic photomontages.” There are also images done by Digital Almasra Photo Service, whatever that is.

Ahemd seems to have a following online — which, no doubt, will get larger. Good for him!

It’s not entirely clear if this is “for real” or even if Ahmed is (maybe he’s a digital person); however, many of the images have been online for well over a year, and Angel continues to upload new ones. The photos are narcissistic, sure, but also interesting and unlike anything I’ve seen. Ever.

Kotaku has reached out to Ahmed about his pics and will update this post should he comment.

Ahmed Angel [Facebook via ロケットニュース via ネタリカ]

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    • This is a Kotaku East article….so it can be about anything “East”.

      While Kotaku’s tag line is “The Gamers Guide”, it isn’t exclusively about games.

      I do believe you there is a “Kotaku Core” that only contains articles directly related to video games and their related interests.

    • It’s not, even with the GTA4 poster, but Kotaku isn’t solely about video games either.

      And even with that being said I am still genuinely struggling to see how this is related to anything I’ve seen people claim this site was about…

  • “…and PicJoke, which takes you to, an online photo editor with “fun photo effects, photo frames, nice collages and realistic photomontages.””

    This strikes me as a fairly obvious advertisement. Which would at least explain why you’ve posted such a pointless article in the first place. This isn’t the wacky side of the internet that makes it so fascinating, or anything like that. It’s just complete garbage.

  • Hey Kotaku, could you please turn Triple J down long enough to concentrate on what it is you are supposed to be doing: Reporting about VIDEO GAMES.

    Put the obsure Russian beer down, stop ranting about politics and how useless everyone else is and stick to the fucking plan.

  • I too wonder how this is related to videogames. Aside from ONE GTAIV image, this has nothing to do with the industry.

    Report on something related. Kthanx.

  • That literally made me feel ill and quite uncomfortable. I was scrolling down…waiting…waiting…WAITING for the comments sections, but it couldn’t come fast enough.

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