The Most Disgusting Cake You Have Ever Wanted To Eat

In celebration of Surgeon Simulator 2013 and the indie sensation that it has become: the most disgusting cake you have ever wanted to eat. Mmmm disgustlicious. Uncensored image follows.

[Surgeon Simulator 2013 via Reddit]


    I came expecting something gross; I leave disappointed and hungry.

    When I saw it with the warning label over it, I thought it was something else....but it wasn't. Interesting cake

      it does indeed look like something else with that big black bar over it :)

        Unnecessary censorship does make our minds think dirty.

        lol, if you ever go near one that empty space at the top; pay it some attention

          but its empty! there's obviously nothing there ;)

    Not really disgusting. But each to their own I guess.

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