The Most Overblown Halo Video You'll Ever See

When the talented Lindsey Sterling is involved in a video, you can bet things are about to get serious.

Having brought her own special brand of violin to previous clips like this one, here she's teaming up with musician William Joseph. Who is playing the piano in a flak jacket.

If you've ever wanted to see classical music take the place of teabagging in the middle of a Halo firefight, well, now's your chance.

You can check out a behind-the-scenes video below.

Halo Medley - Firefight - Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph [YouTube]



      Fuckin seriously, Plunkett? It's obvious he doesn't read the site he's actually writing for and considering the frequency of basic spelling errors, I'm beginning to doubt he even reads his own posts before hitting the "Submit" button.

    Nice musical arrangement, but I have to say, I did laugh at some parts of the video. A little over the top for my tastes.

      I like a good violin... but I will forever love that monk chant.

      So sad we only got a moment of it in Halo 4.

    Wow, there's more character and emotion, texture, light and shade and modal flavour than the entirety of Halo 4's bland pentatonic 'dun dun dun' fest. Nicely done.

    Why is this not an actual game mode? Or instead of trying to wipe out the musicians it's like capture the flag and there are lots of them and the objective is to have your team form a full orchestra. so sweet..

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