The Nazis Won World War II In Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order by MachineGames, will arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC at the end of the year, Bethesda just announced over at GameSpot. (Versions for next-gen consoles are also coming.) That's the debut trailer. The game is set in 1960 but, yes, Nazis will still be the bad guys.

That's because they won World War II, at least for purposes of this story. So B.J. Blazkowicz is back in action against the ruling order, charged with mounting an "impossible counter-offensive" to overthrow the Nazi regime.

Nazi Mechs and other superweapons feature into this alternate reality, but evidently Jimi Hendrix still was born and managed to cover "All Along the Watchtower" seven years before Bob Dylan wrote it.


    I didn't think it was going to be fallout 4 :(

    WELL NOW... for the first time in what, 12 or so years? A wolfenstein game actually peaked my interest :D This looks intriguing :D God knows that last one didn't. Given Bethesdas doing it, this makes me even moreso curious...

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      Yeah try 20 years for me or however long it's been since the first one. I like the whole alternate history idea

    There must be some kind of way out of here?

    Hmmm.....The last Wolfenstein had a good idea but it didn't really catch on. This I 'hope' won't do the same. Looks fantastic don't get me wrong and I have high hopes for Bethesda on the band wagon because it seems whatever they touch turns to gold! (Dishonored an example)

    And of course Warren "Douchebag" Spector hates it already

      Haha! And even his wife is chiming in basically telling people off for having and voicing an opinion different to his! It is really ignorant for someone who knows they still have a voice people care about, (for some reason...), to then whinge that people are picking up on comments he has made available publicly and voicing their disagreement.

      If you don't want to start a conversation, Warren, keep those opinions to yourself. If you do want to start a conversation with the world because you are lucky enough that you can, let that said conversation run its course.

    As much as I hope the single player campaign will be good, I'm sure the writing will be threadbare at best. I'm thinking it will be more like Resistance but with Nazis.

    I know it’s become a part of Wolfenstein lore, but I hate the cyborgs and mechs that are in these games now.

    There’s plenty of games were you can shoot Nazi’s (although it’s a bit out of fashion at the moment), but I like the idea of badass former prisoner of war BJ Blaskowicz coming back several years after the Nazi’s have won and f*cking sh*t up.

    I just find shooting mechs boring, they aren’t a particularly dynamic enemy. Circle around, concentrate fire, wait for them to explode….. rinse and repeat.

      You never played Wolfenstein 3D? Hitler was a Cyborg at the end of the third one, zombies were all through the 2nd one, cyborgs were in there with a generous smattering too...

        Yeah I did, although I liked the first episode the best for exactly that reason. Also the lack of a vertical plane meant that the difference in strategy between mecha-Hitler and a standard guard was basically none.

        Return to Castle Wolfenstein was similar in my mind, with the first few hours of gameplay being the best before you start fighting crazy contraptions.

        I skipped the most recent game because all the advertising I saw contained electro-enemies. That and the medicore reviews.

        I guess it's probably just me not getting what Wolfenstien IS. It was a part of my childhood and I guess I have a strong sense of what I want it to be.

          Yep that's a more than fair point. Something that highly interests me though is the removal of WWII from the whole factor. Not being IN World War 2 but the 60s immediately interests me. New Era, new weaponry, new locales hopefully. The mecha look interesting, hopefully there will be a variety. With it being Bethesda, I'm also curious if it will be somewhat open world? That WOULD be quite an interesting thing? A Wolfenstein/fallout game?

            Only open-world nazi-killing I can think of is the Saboteur. And I know it copped a lot of flak for many aspects, but I actually really dug the black-white-and-red aesthetic of the nazi-controlled areas. It triggered all the black and white movie / feel of oppression triggers in my brain.

    You know, I'm always in favour of the 'video games don't program us into killing machines' side of things, but every now and then I get worrying indicators that this may not be entirely true.

    For example, a while ago I actually encountered a man whose tattoos and t-shirt declared him to be a neo-nazi. My instincts were screaming at me that doing harm to this man would be rewarded. I realized that I have been trained since childhood to subconsciously want to kill nazis.

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      I think that's better than having been subconsciously trained since childhood to hate people who are a different race for no tangible reason.

        Well. My instincts saying that doing harm to him would be rewarded might not have been right, but the instincts saying the world would be a better place without him? Maybe not quite as far off the mark.

    As soon as I heard the phrase "Nazi's win WW2", I lost interest in this game. Its the refuge of the creatively bankrupt.

      Phillip K Dick would like a word with you.

        Dick did it more than fifty years ago. Since then, its been done by almost every sci-fi writer who is right out of ideas.

    "but evidently Jimi Hendrix still was born and managed to cover “All Along the Watchtower” seven years before Bob Dylan wrote it." - best.

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