The Next Xbox Is Called Xbox One

The next Xbox is called Xbox One. Microsoft announced the news at an event in Seattle today, touting how you'll be able to use gestures and voice control to interact with the new system. "Xbox, on" starts up the machine. "Xbox, watch TV" will open up your television.

Microsoft also introduced a feature called Snap Mode, for multitasking while watching television. You can use Skype, for example, to chat with friends while viewing something, or you can say "Xbox, show fantasy" to see your fantasy basketball stats while watching LeBron James score.

There's a feature called "Xbox Trending" that shows what shows are popular. "This is the beginning of truly intelligent TV."

8GB RAM, Blu-ray, USB 3.0, WiFi direct, "silent" operation.

Here's a pic of the controller:

And the Kinect/console:

Microsoft promises that the online platform will have 300,000 servers. Content is stored in the cloud. "Achievements will become dynamic and changing. They tell your personal story of how you play, not just what you've done."

SmartGlass is a big part of the new platform too. Your tablet or phone will behave as if it's part of Xbox One, Microsoft says.

Microsoft's big reveal event is still going on. You can check out our liveblog.


    Sigh. This could slide with apple because any game or app on the original ipad would play on the newer, same christened iPad. But that won't be the case for xbox. Now the conversation will be : did you ever play xxx? It wad on xbox one. I mean,the first xbox. Not xbox one. ...etc

    But.. it's not even April 1st? What is this I don't even. And here I was thinking they couldn't lower the bar further than Nintendo's latest effort.

    Xbox -> Xbox 360 -> Xbox One... Yeah thats a logical progression. Sony, I take back all the bad things I ever said about you.

    And people think WiiU is a confusing name, did Microsoft not learn anything from what Nintendo did?

    Oh, please.

    You people are trolling, yes?

    Xbox One is as sensible and conventional name as any. All-in-one -- Xbox One. It's even easier to say than Xbox 360. Learn to appreciate that kind of shit.

    I for one have an easy life and often exercise my freedom to snark about insipid shit -- but there is a limit to how much whining you can do before you're just being a dick about everything. I am just tired of the unrelenting cynicism everywhere.

    Appreciate this shit because you can -- unfortunately there are far too many others that aren't so lucky.

      uhhh, SERIOUSLY? We can't voice our opinions about the name of a console in an article ABOUT the name of said console, and should instead try and discuss various social issues?

      To go on topic, people have clearly stated their reasons why they think the name is a bad idea, and even provided the example of the Wii U as to why the name of a console is important. In this case, they have given it a name that does not inherently say that this is an upgrade (at least the Wii U added something to the name) over the X-Box 360.

      Not to mention that it is being named for the major buzzwords. A buzzword that could potentially get them into trouble if what we heard about the box that provides TV being sold separately is true, especially if they try and make it a major part of marketing. Because All-in-one implies that it will be sold together.

    Xbox One?!?

    Go home Microsoft, you're drunk!

    i wonder if this kinect will work with windows 8 natively?

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