The Oculus Rift Is Even More Amazing When You Can See Your Hands Move

Independent developer Kelly Weaver is just one of those guys who just can't leave well enough alone. He's combined the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset with Razer's Hydra motion controllers to bring us one step closer to recreating The Lawnmower Man (the movie, not the book).

Weaver's robot alter-ego mimics the movement of his hands and arms almost perfectly, and it's amazing how much you miss those when you don't have them in front of your face. Nice going, sir! Now strap those Hydra's on your feet and we'll be in business.

Full Body Awareness in Unassisted Flight [YouTube]


    all the cool stuff done in the world is done by Garage modders such as this bloke

    well done, put those razer controllers in a gun mould and this will make the most insane arcade gun shooter (time crisis) ever!

    You can already do this in the Tuscany demo that came with the rift, it has direct hydra integration.

    THAT is the kind of stuff that makes me want the Occulus rift. When you incorporate the actual body with the Rift, thats what I want. That makes it a truly immersive experience, not just a monitor on your face. When we can have that sort of experience ingame, it'll completely capture me. Imagine a space sim, a shooter, a medieval sword game, with that sort of immersion...

      Did you wee the one with the omni-directional treadmill, rift and kinect combination?
      Apparently they will have a kickstarter or similar this month. I think I might be in trouble with the wife soon

        rofl dear god if that does go into production I think I'll kiss this world goodbye...

        Way ahead of you Tigs.
        Already pre-ordered a MYO and a Leapmotion. I'm struggling very hard to NOT fork out for the Rift dev kit too.

          That's pretty cool. I wonder if the "but other people are doing it" excuse will fly
          How much is each of them setting you back?

            Not a lot to be honest. The MYO is $150. The Leap is $70 and the Rift is $300. Give or take varying shipping costs.

    Now strap those Hydra’s on your feet and we’ll be in business.
    A new fighting game where the most common move is a kick to the shins?

    I love the concept. This is the next step in adding to the imerssion of the Rift.
    However, the hydra is a bloody annoying device to use with the cables and limited range.
    I really really really wanna see this with the leap motion and MYO

    Links for those who don't know what I'm talking about.

      A more powerful version of the Leapmotion would be required, as it stands it has limited range, though it's incredibly responsive, it's only meant for a short distance at this point. No doubt a v2 of the Leap Motion would solve this. Personally I cannot wait to see what the Leap Motion version 2 looks like and performs like as the version 1 has completely blown me away.

        Yeah I was wondering what the range is. My thought was to stick the leap to the bottom of the Rift (or perhaps 2 Leaps) to cover most of your peripheral vision.
        I admit the leap might not be right for this application, but the MYO has some serious potential. Really depends on it's positional accuracy. They haven't released too much detailed information yet.

          Yeah they said they sacrificed range for increased response, which in my eyes was the exact right thing to do, given its almost 1:1 response time on the videos. This is whats gotten me excited and certain that I'm buying one.

            I would argue that for a VR application like the one in the video, the hardware could be scaled.
            So you could end up with something half-way between the kinect and the leap, of course with the same compromise in accuracy.
            You don't need 1mm precision when playing a FPS with your body, but 1-2cm would be fine.

              I think the main thing is you want it to be as accurate as possible. You have around that accuracy at the moment with the actual Kinect, which for all intents and purposes IS surprisingly accurate. Third party developers NOT using the Xbox, but other software such as medical programmers etc have done some amazing things with it, even saying its a very fine instrument, the leap motion is obviously a lot finer. However the kinect cannot read individual finger movements as fine as the leap can at this point. When you're talking something like the Occulus where you'll be drawing virtual bows, swinging virtual swords, pulling triggers, slicing throats, pushing buttons, moving 'pieces' etc, steering wheels, you'll want it extremely accurate.

              Oh god... the medias gonna have a SHIT fit if we ever get a GTA in the Occulus rift and motion controls arent they LOL.

                I understand a need for accuracy. Especially positional accuracy, and I couldn't agree with you more regarding medical applications. But all I'm saying is that to swing a sword you don't need 1mm accuracy on each of your fingers.
                I was referring to getting a similar result to the video above without using the hydra and all it's cables.
                Pending some more technical details the MYO should be able to do that quite well.

                  Absolutely. Lets just get some damn wireless motion control in there! lol

    Now all someone needs to do is replace the controllers with a PowerGlove and we're set.

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