The Return Of Pokémon For Adults

Remember that amazing Pokémon Noir comic by Ray Bruwelheide that we posted a bit of earlier this year? Well, awesome news: Ray just let us know he's finished the first chapter.

It still kills me this sort of thing has to be the reserve of passionate and talented fans. A smarter Nintendo could easily capitalising on a, ahem, maturing Pokémon fanbase and do something like this themselves, but nope.

So thanks, Ray, for picking up the slack.

There's an excerpt here, but you can read the full comic at the link below.

Viridian City [Comic]


    "A smarter Nintendo could easily capitalising on a, ahem, maturing Pokémon fanbase and do something like this themselves"

    Do you have the first clue about Brand Positioning?

    Pokemon, like it or not, is locked in as it is. It would, in all actuality, be really silly of Nintendo to try and target a more mature audience, especially at the more extreme end of the spectrum here. Pokemon is, like it or not, targeted at kids, and if they make an official release it would create all sorts of confusion in regards to the brand and its audience.

    Silly statements aside, this certainly has a niche and looks super cool. I'd love to see more. But it can only really shine as an independent labour of love.

    Also, i like knowing pokemon exists in such an innocent manner. A colourful and vibrant universe in which people can "battle" but without the dreariness of death and the likes.

    But that's just my opinion..

      I disagree. It's like superhero comics. They used to be solely for kids, but have since evolved to encompass people of all ages, with titles aimed at kids, adults and everyone inbetween (which is teenages, I guess). I don't see why Nintendo couldn't do the same thing with Pokemon, or any of their franchises.

      I'm not sure how an adult Pokemon would be received in Japan, but it's almost a guarantee it would be recieved well in the West, which has a large amount of adult Pokemon fans.

        I dun think Nintendo will ever do this

          I think Nintendo should release Pokemon Red and Blue on Android/iOS for 3$ a pop and make millions. But unfortunately Nintendo somehow sees that as competition for the 3DS in the handheld market and thus will never do it.

          Nintendo aren't really a "let's take a risk" sort of company. There is a reason we have no 3D pokemon RPG on the Wii U.

            GBC A.D. app + the Gameboy ROM of your choice (Pokemon Red and Blue for example) will get you the results you desire.

            Well... to be fair, Nintendo have been taking plenty of risks in the hardware space. While there may be a reason why we don't have a 3D Pokemon RPG on the Wii U, there's also a reason why we have the Wii U (and Wii, for that matter) in the first place.

            Incidentally, I'd agree with Nintendo's decision not to sell Pokemon on Android/iOS. Pokemon is a franchise that sells consoles, and Nintendo needs to sell consoles so they can also sell other games for it. But if you can get your Pokemon fix from your phone at $3 a pop, why bother picking up a console at all?

            Microsoft should release Halo 4 on Vita or PS3..... now do you realise how weird and stupid that sounds? why would Nintendo want to release a game on someone else's platform?

      Chuloopa be loco! Ever wonder why each version of pokemon only increases in sales. It's not because more kids keep buying them, it's because the adults who grew up with these titles still buy them. Not every franchise that started for kids has to be only for kids

      Brand positioning is all about the marketing - you can have an adult version of something side-by-side with a children's version. Look at the Star Wars range - from MA15+ down to G. Just a matter of clearly defining which games are for which age groups.

    The official mangas pretty dark at times. Twisted experiments, slicing pokemon in half, ect

    Im normally not a big comic person, but i thought this was pretty epic, i read it start to finish (a big first for me)

    Pokemon MMO.

    All I wish for on my Birthday.

      Or a pokemon snap U as a consolation prize

      happy Birthday :P

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