The Studio Behind Aliens: Colonial Marines Just Laid Off Its Staff

TimeGate, best known for developing Section 8 and Aliens: Colonial Marines, may be no more. Kotaku has learned from two sources that the troubled studio laid off its staff today. Everyone was sent home early, according to one source.

TimeGate had been facing financial issues for quite some time now. The company filed for bankruptcy last week, but the publisher SouthPeak Interactive was looking to convert their Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7 liquidation. According to one source, SouthPeak won in arbitration, and the studio is no more.

When we called TimeGate, we spoke to a receptionist, who would not comment and instead transferred us to a voicemail box.


    Maybe they'll get jobs at Gearbox.

    Man. Yeah, there's gonna be a lot of schadenfreude about the quality of A:CM, and it's unlikely that they went bankrupt from JUST the reception to A:CM. But I REALLY get the feeling Gearbox threw these guys under a bus and got away scott free.

    This is just like... tying up loose ends, body disposal or something.

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