The Super Retro Trio Is Three Classic Consoles In One

With my children rapidly approaching gaming age, I want their introduction to my favourite pastime to begin with the classics — NES, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. The Super Retro Trio, coming later this year from Innex and Retro-bit, handles games from all three of those systems for a mere $69.99. That will look so lovely in their bedroom.

I've been lugging around boxes of game cartridges and old consoles for years, with absolutely no intention of ever pulling the systems out of storage. My entertainment centre is a ridiculous mass of cables, and the oldest system I'm currently willing to hassle with (handhelds not included) is the Dreamcast. Plus, my older systems are in lovely condition, and I really don't want to expose them to the slings and arrows of outrageous toddlers.

A quality console that reliably runs the majority of my cartridges (I'll yank out one of the four N64 consoles I've somehow accumulated later) would be a godsend. I stress quality here, because I bought one of those NES knock-offs that were all over eBay a few years back, and it was a complete piece of shit.

This does not look like a piece of shit. It looks rather striking. I've had my eye on the Retro-Bit handheld SNES/NES system for a while now, so I think I've got a feel for the overall quality? Don't quote me on that. Or quote me with a question mark. Either way, I am intrigued.

The Super Retro Trio will come with a pair of 16-bit game controllers, an S-video connection (fancy!), A/V cables and a power adaptor. I'm not sure if I want to grab an HDMI adaptor, or just buy the boys an old tube television to help teach them the value of high-definition.

Oh, and it can also use this little baby...

That's the Super Retro adaptor for playing Game Boy Advance games. It'll be $39.99 alone, or $89.99 bundled with the system.

The adaptor and the Super Retro Trio will be on sale at the Innex website some time after it debuts exclusive at E3 2013 next month. Next month? Shit, I need to make sandwiches.


    WTF is a 16 bit game controller? Is it two 8 bit game controllers stuck together? Is 8bit 2 buttons and 16 bit 4 ? WTF

      Don't get your panties in a twist buddy. I'm fairly certain '16-bit' controller would be a generic controller equipped to play games on consoles from the '16-bit' era such as SNES or Genesis, and therefore would have more than enough buttons to cover any required controllers from earlier, simpler eras, or even the GBA controller. But hey, that's just my interpretation.

        Yes but the two MD and two snes ports have different pin outs. I own several different multi-console compatible controllers that use a toggle switch. I am questioning the use of the term 16 bit controller - it implies either you can choose either a snes or md controllet - it implies that it won't work on the 8 bit nes. I am merely asking for a clarification as there is no such thing as a 16 bit controller. Thankyou for concern.

      It's nothing to get yourself so ants-in-the-pants about....slow your role, spaz.

        It is a legitimate question - see my response above d-head. Further the use of the word spaz in a derogatory comment is fairly unacceptable in the modern world. It illustrates that YOU are stupid, ignorant and a tool. I was merely being melodramatic so there is no need to get ants in YOUR pants Mr Hypocrite.

          Now it sounds more like a case of sand in your vagina.....I'd probably stay away from the beach and desert areas from now on if I was you, spaz :p

            Sigh. I think you should remove your anus from your mouth. Your shit is dribbling again.

        Handy hint #57
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              (^_^) xox

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    i'm actually more interested in the Hyperkin Retron 5 i think.... thought i'm sure at the end of the day they're all much the same

      I do like the inputs for the controllers on this set up, though. but still, the 5 in 1 is that little more tempting hahahaha

    Will these things play PAL or NTSC games? Or both? Can't tell if this is a US article or not..

      most of these multiconsoles are region free... so u'll be able to play whatever u want :)

    so dudes when is this little beauty said to be available for purchase? and where to be able to find retail or online? I am guessing they are PAL compatible,given the little toggle swtich which has NTSC/PA etc.. i hope :o)

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