The Trailer For Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity Will Turn Your Knuckles White

We've been dying to share a first glimpse of Gravity with you ever since we saw this intense footage at CinemaCon. It's visually stunning, and absolutely terrifying. CuarĂ³n directed Children of Men, so you can expect great things from this movie.

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    Linking to the original article is not an excuse for word-for-word copying their article title and text.

    At the very least a "via io9" would be polite.

    Sure as hell looks pretty. I'll be seeing it just for the visuals.


    It looks like your typical Sandra Bullock movie - Feckin' bugger worthy shite of a Gorgon.

    that long scene (made to look like one cut) with Owen running among streets and buildings in a war-torn internment camp in Children of Men is genius.

    i should know better than to get too pumped by a trailer - but it looks like Aflonzo's bringing the same smarts to a space action thriller and backs up the hype i keep hearing about Gravity - so I'm in. bring it.

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      Apparently Gravity's opening is a 20 minute long single cut. I'm keen

    Children of Men didn't work it's magic on me. I enjoyed the film, I thought it was ok, but the way people talk so passionately about it always leaves me feeling like there's something about it I just didn't get it.

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