The World's Coolest Iron Man Game Is Still GTA IV -- And It's Even Better

Five months ago, modder H1Vltg3 gave us an Iron Man script for Grand Theft Auto IV, and it was already loads better than the official Iron Man movie-game of 2008. With another five months' worth of polish, it's even better.

Repulsor rays and the chest beam have better sound effects and a lot more oomph. Jarvis talks to you when you slam into the ground or the side of a building. Melee attacks look like someone's really getting hit by powered armour.

Want to play? Download it here.


    lol when a mod for GTA IV is leagues better than any official IronMan game? That's pretty embarassing for the producers of the official games...

    *edit* Its awesome they've dropped Bettanys voice into this as Jarvis! I would love them to drop a few soundbytes of RDJ in there too if possible.

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      The game itself sucked but SEGA's tie in game for the original Iron Man movie crapped all over this mod in terms of flight, control and general movement (which is pretty much all this mod is). It was mostly the level design, AI, polish and scoping that let it down. If you want to just fly around it's brilliant.

      For the record this is a totally impressive mod and the creator should be proud, I'm just pointing out that SEGA actually did make a game that flew like a champion.

        Best movie tie in game for me is still the Incredible Hulk game :)

      I find fan made mods are often better than offical stuff, I think mainly because the people making the mod are obviously passionate fans just doing it for the love of 'Product X' with generally no other incentive at all (money, sales figures, movie tie in etc), so providing they have the skills to back up their vision, the end results can be fantastic.
      Another example that springs to mind is Third Age Total War, Lord of the rings mod for medieval 2 total war. Same thing, you can see great care and love has gone into it, and the result is something much better than any of the offical LOTR games I think.

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    2:50 he died, ironman can't die he has super duper body armor. The mark suit should be able to take a tank shell.

    COOOOOL, I have just finished installing it, it works pretty good and it doesn't crash which is bonus.

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    Did anyone notice one of the dudes in the helicopter who fell out got launched about 5 blocks down the road after clipping the lower helicopter at 1:55

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