These Are The Things That People Remember About Xbox Consoles

The new Xbox has been revealed: it's Xbox One. Seems like a good time to reminisce on our memories about the Xbox (be it the 360 or the original), right? Appropriately, the #xboxmemories tag was trending on Twitter earlier, right before the reveal. Here's some of what people remember about Xbox consoles.

Some memories are heartfelt. Some are kind of WTF. And some...make it sound as if we hated Xbox consoles just as much as we loved them. You can compare to the #playstationmemories tag, if you'd like.

How do you remember your Xbox consoles? Feel free to share your memories in the comments.


    wow kotaku really is like the ACA of the internet

    Gee what selective pickings.

    Don't miss more stories by Patricia Hernandezlol.

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    I remember my Xbox sitting in the tv cabinet collecting dust.

    In my mind OpTiC MICZ and Darren DeGoursey won that round.

    You know what I remember from XBox? How huge it was, some of those "Huge like XBox" meme images were comedic gold.

    I remember how shit they were. How they set back gaming by at least a decade. How they took a nascent, brilliant culture of interactive art, beat the crap out of it, the dressed it up in a vinyl miniskirt and low-cut halter top and pimped it out to fratboys.

    Telling people EVERY SINGLE DAY that their RROD xbox 360 was completely stuffed and talking them into buying a PS3 to replace it.

    When I read "Horse Armour" I laughed at first, then felt really sad when I realised that was the turning point that started the rip off that is DLC.

    My xbox getting RROD and Microsoft telling me it will cost me $225 to get it replaced, even though I still had 6 Months Warranty.
    Long Download Times. Paying to play online.
    How easy it was to stain.
    Getting cramps in my hand cause of controller.
    Constant freezing.
    Disc getting scratched in console, and being told its my fault.
    The Teengers that cant win a fight.
    Expensive games on Xbox Live.
    Searching whole house for batteries, and sometimes going the whole day without playing a game cause I had no batteries untill parents got home.

    Positives are:
    Alan Wake, Crackdown, MW2.

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