These Official Photos Make The Xbox One Look Like A Scary Robot

Go ahead and take a look: the new pieces of hardware that form the hub of Microsoft’s upcoming gaming experiences aren't exactly cute and cuddly. They’re kinda foreboding, the way they float and squint at you, all one-eyed and unknowable.

But these shots are the best visuals yet we have of the new Xbox One components. You’ll see some of the design language from the Xbox 360 Slim hardware refresh in there, with slanted vent s slashing across the console and Kinect camera. And the texturing on the controller’s analogue sticks might mean improved grip. What jumps out at you from these shots?


    Something about the controller makes it look kind of cheap in these shots. I think it may be the air brushing, or the d-pad. The console itself looks alright.

      I really don't like the look of that D-Pad. I much prefer the 360's. The analog sticks looks strange too and I don't think I'll get used to the new coloured buttons

        I think the d-pad on the 360 was better looking, but enough fighting game fans have assured me its next to useless, so I get the change. I think I'd like some indentations in the d-pad for grip.

          I actually liked the D-Pad for fighting games. I did get into fighting games while I had the 360 so I didn't get to experience other kinds.

        new colours? coloured font instead of whole button?

          Actually - now that I've taken a closer look, I think that's why it looks cheap. I'll probably get used to it pretty quickly.

      It's the colouring of the buttons that looks kind of off..

    "Go ahead and take a look: the new pieces of hardware that form the hub of Microsoft’s upcoming gaming experiences aren't exactly cute and cuddly."

    I probably wouldn't call them "Gaming" experiences (consoles) anymore.
    It appears that the focus is on anything except gaming these days. The gaming functionality is really starting to feel like an afterthought these days.

    Controller looks nifty but the console looks like an 80's VCR in gloss black. I'm not sure how good or bad that is though.

      And with that many vents it looks like it runs really hot... I wonder how quiet it'll be?

    they should have built those twistable dpads right in to the controller this time.
    i wonder if the front xbox one insignia that lights up can be turned off or dimmed - it would be quite distracting when watching a movie in a darkened room

    Its a bit boxie but tbh I don't mind it. Looks like HTPC box to me which is kinda what it's becoming I guess.

      Hopefully we can say this about One in the future.. "they're boxy but they're good."

    It is a bit of a stretch but Kotaku's first image reminds me of this art print by Kevin Tong:

    That controller looks absolutely hideous!

    That controller looks almost exactly like the old Xbox controller "s"... I hated that thing. Hopefully this one is a little larger, and with more ergonomics than "it's slightly curved, therefore it's ergonomic". And is it a built-in rechargable battery this time, or a more streamlined design/cover over a replaceable battery? The removable battery pack for the 360 controller meant I could charge one while I use the other, and unplug the battery from the controller to prevent discharge, so I always had a wireless controller with a usable battery. Can I do that with this one, or would I need to use a second controller? That's assuming I get the console, of course... so far, Microsoft have shown precisely one interesting thing, Quantum Break, and I'm still not sure what that even was.

    EDIT: Okay, battery is removable AAs with a more streamlined cover. Still not sure what the internals look like (are the batteries directly connected in the controller like a remote control, or a housed in a separate battery pack like the current controller?).

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