These Video Game Fans Are Gorgeous

No, not as in enthusiasts. Not even mechanical fans, either. We're talking about video game themed hand fans by deviantART user SarurunKamui — like the Okami one above.

Pretty fantastic, right? SarunrunKamui has a bevy of them on deviantART which you should check out, but here are some highlights.

Arcanine, from Pokemon

Espeon and Umbreon from Pokemon

The protagonist of Journey

Ho-oh from Pokemon

Lugia, from Pokemon

Amaterasu, from Okami

You can visit SarurunKamui's Etsy shop here, where you can commission fans.


    I thought the first picture was Okami. But the last one is Okami.

      They both from Okami. But yeah, awesome, awesome find, cheers!

    Awww shucks, you say the sweetest things *blush*

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