This Amazing GIF Will Show You Why Ray Harryhausen Was So Awesome

Ray Harryhausen passed away yesterday. We lost somebody would could bring fantastical creatures to life with his fingertips.

Spotted on Twitter, this amazing GIF — pulled from British documentary Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan — shows the master making a skeleton move. It’s freakin’ magic. Magic, I tell you.


    Is that a Skeleton from Army of Darkness? Sure looks like it.

      Possibly Jason & the Argonauts.

        Even better.

          AOD based its skeletons on Jason & the Argonauts. BTW AOD Spoiler: It's the best film ever!

    What a free spirit. I remember in an interview he said his parents were supportive of his career choice from his youth.

    Many of his films rest on my shelf. I would highly recommend the Sinbad movies which you can get in a three pack.

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