This Amazing Kickstarter Will Let You Put GIFs On Your Bicycle

If you had shown me these bicycle spokes when I was nine years old and zipping around on my mountain bike I would probably have dropped down to the floor, frothing at the mouth in what could only be described as a 'pleasure-spasm'. Animated spokes? Are you serious? You can put GIFs on them? The potential is terrifyingly endless.

But this is the idea being proposed by this Kickstarter. The Monkey Light Pro will allow cyclists to download their own animated graphics and display them on their bicycle wheels as the travel.

You could have anything on there. Someone put a Nyan Cat on their bike. Another in the above video put Space Invaders.

I am seriously vibrating with excitement right now. GIFs on bicycles? This is world changing stuff. In my lifetime? I don't even own a bike. I'm thinking about buying one just so I can use this.

The Monkey Light Pro weighs less than 500 grams. Prototypes already exist and this Kickstarter is there to help move the model into the product stage. The only question you need to ask is: what GIF do you put on there?

Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System [Kickstarter]

Thanks to Monkey Electric for the pics!


    What a steal at $900 retail.......

      Well you can still get the early bird $700 if you're quick

      Although you need to factor in that cost saving you get for not having gears on your bike

      Last edited 29/05/13 2:26 pm

      $900? I spent half that on my bike, as I suspect most commuter cyclists would. I have a personal rule along the lines of 'never spend more accessorizing than you did buying the base product'.

    Sweet, i could have the tardis fade in and out on one tire then come in on the other if i timed it right

    Let's hope Nyan Cat guy doesn't sue em.

    Courier companies can sell ad space on their cyclists. BAM! Can tell I've been in advertising too long, first thing I thought of

    Mannn that was painful to watch :| lol

    Bit slow on this one Mark
    Was on Gizmodo @ 1:30pm :o)

    EDIT: This + Scribletaku..... does someone need a vacation mate?

    Last edited 29/05/13 2:44 pm

      Can't tell if joking or condescending.....

        Friendly banter :o)

          Hah cool, so used to every second person slamming kotaku/giz staff it's hard to tell :)

            I hear ya
            I have been in a couple of good debates/discussions here on Kotaku but Ive never had a direct shot at anyone, its my favourite web hangout :o)

    Considering cars are'nt allowed l.e.d or neon strips under their them that simply glow, as its deemed dangerous and a distraction to drivers, I highly doubt they would allow cyclists to ride around on the road with these on either.

    I just got a new bike
    Welcome to 2006, adapted for bikes. time to display your images is at night...the time when I DON'T cycle...

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