This Fallout Fan Flick Is Quite Well Made, Why Not Watch It?

Perth's own Wade K. Savage is currently putting the finishing touches on Fallout: Lanius, a reasonably high budget fan flick that's making its debut at PAX Australia. But while you're waiting for that to be released, you might as well check out The Wasteland State, another fan movie based in the Fallout universe. It's actually a pretty well-written, decently acted 25 minute video. Worth watching.

The description is as follows...

Three scavengers find themselves in over their heads after receiving money from a mysterious benefactor. What starts off as a routine assignment soon turns into an irreparable disaster that questions allegiances, tests morality, and ultimately brings nothing but pain and misery to all caught within it's ineludible vortex.

I'm currently about halfway through and I'm enjoying it. I usually bail out of these kinds of films about two minutes in, but this is pretty good.


    Good film but they *really* need to go back and loop most of the dialogue. It's barely audible in a lot of places.

    Did he zip up before getting knocked out, or was he just flopping around when they grabbed him?

    Not bad. They were on indiegogo a while back. Glad to see this.

    Hey all, I'm one of the actors and I am close with the production crew. One question, how did you come across this? It's only been on YouTube for a day or so.

    The original shooting script was much much better than what you see here. Due to some unfortunate set backs, we had to cut a lot and the resulting cut is jarring and almost impossible to comprehend from a narrative stand point. That being said, we put a lot of work into getting it to look good visually and we appreciate the feedback.

      One of the folks working on it sent it to me :)

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