This Guy Has Been Using The Same Pokémon For Nearly A Decade

This Guy Has Been Using The Same Pokémon For Nearly A Decade
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Many of us get kind of teary-eyed when thinking about how Mass Effect has allowed us to transfer Commander Shepard across three games over the last five years. That pales in comparison to Pokémon, which, barring the early games, allows you to transfer creatures for over a decade across many titles — a feature which blogger Cunzy1 1 has made ample use of.

Dactylocer, which is Cunzy’s name for his Omastar — a fossil type Pokemon — is a companion that he’s been using since Pokémon Fire Red. That’d make the Omastar nearly a decade old.

“Even though I know that it isn’t ‘my Omastar’ being transferred from one game to another, it’s merely the (genetic) code being replicated in the next game and permanently deleted from the old game I can genuinely say I have a sentimental attachment to this guy (and it is a male) who has now been my digital companion, more accurately, the digital companion of many of my trainers through each game, for just under a decade,” he explained on his blog — where he chronicled the adventures the Omastar experienced across all the different games.

He recognises that while this Omastar isn’t the best Pokemon — or even the best Omastar — it doesn’t matter. It’s his Omastar.

Today, Kill Screen interviewed Cynzy1 1, who revealed that the reason he’s picked Omastar for this is because he’s a paleontologist, and Omastar is a fossil type that’s a parody of ammonites. Makes sense.

Mind, not everything is romantic about this. The Omastar he’s transferred is actually the second Omastar. Remember, you can’t transfer over Pokémon from the original titles — so there was an Omastar before this one. That, and, the Omastar has mothered a “couple hundred other Omastars. Sometimes with her own sons.”

Yeah. Many of us are guilty about the breeding thing with our own ‘mon I’m sure, but it’s still kind of ick to think about.

I’m curious, though: have you transferred your Pokémon across all games? If so, which and why? Share your stories — surely, while this sort of thing is kind of rare, Cynzy1 1 can’t be the only one that’s done it!

GIF above is from this must-watch, although unrelated, video.

Edit: I misattributed which game he started out with; that’s been fixed, as has the approximation of how long he’s had the Omastar for.

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  • I always plan to transfer all my pokemon over, but have only done it with a few.
    I only really started playing 5 years ago, so I don’t have any that old.

  • I’ve been using my Scizor, Assassin, since Ruby, so technically longer. And yes, I did have to Action Replay the Scizor in to being as Ruby had all the code there for other Pokémon, but there was not the million other games to get other Pokémon from yet.

    She, like the Omastar, started back in Red/Blue, went to Gold, then Crystal, and then had to be recaught for gen three.

  • I’ve got my original Raichu from pokemon yellow [I evolved my pikachu 😉 ]. Traded him to pokemon gold when that came out, where he has lived on the cartidge ever since…. until……

    …. I got worried about my battery dying and losing my Raichu [as well as a whole heap of other original pokemon], so what I did was build my own gameboy rom dumper from a broken gameboy [needed the cart reader], some shift registers and an arduino…. the result was the following

    And I can’t find the picture I took of my Raichu… but heres a charizard I had from Red version….

    Now my pokemon will live FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-D

    EDIT: Yellow came out in 1999…… so I’ve been using these pokemon for 14 years….. scary O_O

  • When I had pokemon Red, when I was a kid, I’d beaten the whole thing, got all 151 pokemon – including Mew, I went to one of those appearances where they unlocked or downloaded Mew into your gameboy cartridge. My favourite pokemon was a maxed Pigeot.

    My Mum lent my pokemon Red cartridge to her friend’s son. When I’d gotten it back he had saved over my file. I was distraught and done with pokemon that dark day.

    • I did that with my Blue and Yellow cart. Got all 151 aswell.
      Do you remember going back and forth in the water in the corner of a certain area till mewtwo appeared as a glitch?

      • Nah I got Mewtwo the normal way. But I do remember the walking up and down by some water thing, I think it was called the Missingno glitch

  • I’ve got quite a few from 3rd gen, literally everything from 4th gen and a reasonable portion of White transferred to my Black 2. My lead Pokemon for one of my VS. Human teams has always been a Latios (or ‘LATIOS’, AS CAPS LOCK WAS COOL BACK IN THE DAY) from Ruby, which is even older than this Omastar.

  • This isn’t such a big deal. I’ve got a whole team of Pokemon I’ve carried over from my original FireRed file. I guess I just didn’t write a passionate blog entry about it…

  • Wouldn’t it be annoying using a Pokemon that would disobey you through pretty much the whole game?

    I’d rather start fresh with each game and build new teams.

  • This is so cool. You are right. First time I transferred sheperd, it was awesome. ever since then I wished all games with at least sequels had this feature.

  • Eh? I am pretty sure there’s a wall between games where you CAN’T get pokemon across. Gen 2-> Gen 3, wasn’t it? Or maybe it was Gen 3-Gen 4.

    • It was gen2->3 if I recall correctly…. You could get gen 3 [GBA] to gen4 [DS] and beyond as the DS had both GBA and DS card slots [and could read from both simultaneously]. There was the PALpark in those games which would take the pokemon from a cartridge in the GBA slot.

      But yeah, unfortunately anything before gen3 is stuck there forever….

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