This Guy Put A Sword In The Oculus Rift

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Oculus Rift is that the device is in the hands of thousands of creative human beings intent on doing interesting things with it. This cool little simulation is one of those things. Using Leap Motion Johnathan Selstad has created 'sword' support, meaning that he can attempt to use a 'real' object and use it to interact in a virtual space. Pretty cool.

It looks like fun to use, even in this super basic simulation he's created. Mainly because he's able to use the object to hit other virtual objects using physics calculations. Can't wait until this is implemented in full designed worlds. The Oculus Rift, more than new consoles or new games, is probably the tech I'm currently most excited about. I can't wait until it hits retail and everyone can have access to it.


    I really am hoping they'll have demos of the oculus rift and the leap motion at PAX

      I bought a Leap Motion during the Kickstarter... not sure if I'll ever get it though.

        I didn't find out about it till after the kickstarter and I was still too poor to get one. I'd hope that they arrive soon. I'm mostly excited about the art possibilities of the leap and whether the 3d movement could be used to apply pressure on a digital brush.

          that would be pretty hard to control, because of the lack of haptic feedback to the user.

          I.E.: when you use a brush to apply pressure on a surface, the resistance the surface applies to the brush provides you an indication of the applied force. Trying to apply pressure to nothing would be very hard, because the only indication of force/pressure would be the visual information on-screen. You'd be re-adjusting constantly.

    Keen to see this being able to sculpt!!!

      Yeah that's what I really hope the Leap can manage, good, fine detail 3d sculpting. Just on a normal screen sans Rift. Get a virtual clay wheel spinning, put on some Righteous Brothers and cry with happiness.

    I can see a bright future now, full of gamers with motion sickness headaches and broken household shit everywhere.

    I would love to see more FPS using the Rift. Games like Doom, Quake and others.

    The one thing I don't like about the Rift at the moment is the field of vision. Wish it was wider but it's still great.

      The original Doom would be really hard to bear on the OR, given that the engine cannot provide full head movement. Doom 3 would be cool though.

      And of the OR's many flaws, I'm surprised to hear someone say FoV is the one they don't like. While it could still be greater, the 110-degree FoV is probably the single feature that sets the OR so far ahead of anything else out there at 10x the price, and it's the least of the issues that strike you when actually using one.

    This would be fantastic for an Elder Scrolls game. Don't know if I'd weild a 2B pencil though, I'd probably pop down to my local Target and pick up a plastic sword from the toy section.

    This is very awesome!

    I thought this had already bee. Achieved with that dude and combination of I think he used a Kinect.

    Also oculus rifts on eBay freaking ridiculous pricing.

    Guy did nothing, the hydra you can see is just detecting where the graphite core of the pencil is.

      I don't think Hydras work the way you think they work.

      Also he wasn't even using the Hydra at all. This is done using the Leap Motion which is strapped to the front of his Rift.

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