This Here Famicon Skin For The Wii U's Gamepad Is A Beaut, No?

This here Famicon skin for the Wii U's gamepad is a beaut, no? Like Tiny Cartridge can't have a modern console unless you're going to make it look retro. It's the law. This particular skin can be purchased from Datel Japan at the end of July for around $US20.


    For some reason that makes me think more of the old Nintendo Game & Watch games than the Famicom...

    What's a Wii-U?

    Definitely want to get this. Looks awesome.

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    Looks beautiful!

    Also looks like it'd be a pain to put on perfectly. So many little holes for little buttons...I know I'd have it slightly on an angle or something :c

      And you'd see it every time you look at it. Mocking you....

      My worry would be, what's it going to do to my pad if I ever want to take it off?

    defs game & watch vibes. probably won't do anything to your pad when you take it off, usually they're a static clingy vinyly type deal.

    I have this one for my Wii U$T2eC16dHJGIE9nnWrdEFBQy,Yk,Mew~~60_35.JPG?set_id=880000500F

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