This Hilarious Video Sums Up The Xbox One Reveal In Under Two Minutes

TV. Sports. Call of Duty. Dog.

Yep, that about covers it. This is probably my favourite Xbox One related thing of the day, and I've seen a lot of dog GIFs.

Just in case you (wisely) didn't get up to watch the Xbox One conference, this genius video has you totally covered. No need to go anywhere else!

Just perfect!


    That strangely similar to what i posted to a friend:

    "I mean this is it in a nut shell:
    "LOOK 300,000 SERVERS ON LIVE"
    (but you need to be on the web once every day)"
    "also games"

    "XBox is about to become the next water cooler".


    I predict, Microsoft will announce a Call of Duty TV show.

      It will be called "Call of Duty - Sports Dogs."

    Seriously. Their entire marketing strategy is "The xbox one can do TV stuff". I.e. it can do stuff that think you plug your xbox into already does.

    But i don't watch tivi

      Yeah, Neither do I. This is why I now game on computer. Consoles are just getting more and more like a PC as time goes on.
      If I really wanted to watch TV TV TV TV TV TV then I'd do it on my Laptop.
      I don't know what to expect next... Consoles with built in monitors? Soon we watch TV on your Xbox with monitor while you watch TV on your TV... Simultaneously...

    callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie DOG callodoodie callodoodie callodoodie

      I think they were saying Callyourdoggie but I could be wrong...

    Also, did anyone else picture them lying a german shepard down on a big flat bed scanner?

      oh the memories of catscan(dot)com

      those were the good old days

      First thing I thought of too. But with disastrous results.

    One day I'll stop being surprised people still use tv's to watch tv. I know it happens, but I can't understand why.

    Call of doody... :)

      I can't believe it took me this long to see a post like this

    Oh man, I can't stop watching this! The words TV and Call of Duty have lost all meaning for me!

    Haha awesome! Now I don't have to watch the entire presentation. But then again I was already disappointed about the Xbox One after reading updates about it.

    TV! TV! TV! TV! TV! SPORTS! TV! etc.......

    Mocap dog

    I don't have an tv antenna in my room :( spos ill go with ps4

    Forget 'Duck, Duck, Duck... Goose!' My kids are going to learn 'Call of Duty, Call of Duty, Call of Duty... DOG!!'

    The sport bit sounded like the Swedish chef from the muppets.

    I know this is for the "lols" and all, but I'm amused the part where they said something positive actually to do with games (15 exclusive titles, 8 being new IPs) was omitted.
    The hatery is strong today...

    Kind of just underscores the things that won't work for Non-US gamers.

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