This Incredible Minecraft Ghostbusters Rollercoaster May Be Better Than The Actual Movie

Minecraft: if there is a better testament to the sheer power of boredom and creativity on this earth, I am yet to find it. The things we've seen, the things we've witnessed. LEGO is cool, but Minecraft has the potential to be transcendent. Nowadays it takes something pretty spectacular to grab my attention — the stakes have been raised so high that we've become numb to the insanity of it all.

But every once in a while, someone pushes the envelope with a Ghostbusters Rollercoaster.

I'm just sincerely blown away by this. It's just crackling with creativity. It's insane. It just flows from one brilliant idea to the next and the execution is pitch perfect.

Seriously — you have to watch this.


    Apart from the terrible music that was great

    The recent Beetlejuice minecraft rollercoaster was pretty cool too...

      personally I think it beats this one hands down

    This is the greatest thing I've seen in Minecraft!

    You Mindcraft people are absolutely crazy. You hear me! You're NUTS!

    Jolly good show chaps.

    Last edited 30/05/13 11:34 am

    Honestly won't miss it when minecraft this or minecraft that stops being a thing.

    It's awesome! :D! love the comments

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