This Is The Best/Worst Video Game Tutorial I Have Ever Had To Play

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon does a lot of things right, but few are righter than the game's tutorial. It's terrible, on purpose.

Check it out below.


    The helicopter "tea-bag" landing was hilarious

    Seriously pumped for this game. I loved Far Cry 3, and this looks like FC3 on acid.

    I know what I'm doing this weekend!

    Try the tutorial for any Monster Hunter game. They are unfortunately dull, unhelpful and uninformative. Shame they put so many off the series.

    yeh thought this was heaps funny.

    As much as I think Michael Bhein (how do u spell his surname?) is perfectly cast in this game, I think if Arnie did the voice work, it would take this game to a whole other level.

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