This Is The New Kinect For The Xbox One

Today during the reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft unveiled the new Kinect. This is what it looks like.

Compare to the old Kinect:


    1 camera? no more 3d?

      Others are hidden. It's only the IR emitter that needs to be clear of obstacles.

    I'd be guessing a single hires camera, and some IR tracking or something of the like for judging distance...
    They need to be able to judge the number of people watching a movie on the xbox so they can charge extra if it is above a certain number. (Seriously... they have a patent on the idea)

    Hey! Did they answer the questions about it always needing to be connected to operate?
    Creeps me out 'needing' to have the camera plugged in to watch a movie or yell at Halo.

      Yes. Sorry I don't have a link on me right now, and this comment is a few days old so you may already know. But yes it requires the kinect in order to turn on.

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