This Is The Sega We'd Like To Remember

Amidst all the rubbish Sonic games and Hatsune Miku, it's easy to forget that Sega was, once, cool. Very cool.

It's something artist Oggy hasn't forgotten, with this tribute to the company's vehicular heyday.

レトロゲーム [PIXIV, via VGJunk]


    God I was an incredibly die hard Sega fanboy growing up.

      ill second that!

        same here, but died with the megadrive and moved to nintendo with the n64.
        had the master system2 and megadrive2 with a bunch of games.

          WHAT!? No Sega Saturn.....
          so many great games on the Saturn.

            i think the saturn was too expensive for me when it launched - approx $600 from memory?

              urgh,. yeah i remember that. i waited till it was a bargain Big W special of 199 or something like that. my friend got it when it first came out though, same with the Dreamcast - Ahhh, so many memories.

                which was how long after launch? a year? two? saturn was...1998? so i was 21 - i was spending my money drinking and and clubbing, although i think at least 1 mate bought the saturn. so many weekend nights spent drunk/stoned playing mario kart with mates :)

                Last edited 07/05/13 2:51 pm

              Actually, it was $900AU.

              I know, my mum bought me one. I was 16 at the time it came out.

                thats ps3 money...which is nuts!

                  Yep, would be like paying well over $1000-$1100 for a conosle today. Unbelievable. Gaming has become a FAR cheaper hobby over the years.

                  Wish more people would see that.

    Space Harrier!!! SEGA need to copy Nintendo's business model and resurrect some of these old classics! It's important to think of the future with new IP but at the same time you can't forget where you came from...

    See, I've never forgotten Sega were cool. I'm just sad that those days are unlikely to return.

    That image speaks to the awesomeness of Yu Suzuki. He'll always be the backbone of what made Sega awesome to me (And Yu2 a strong second).

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