This Is What It's Like To Use Google Glass (Apparently)

Ever since getting to grips with the Oculus Rift I've become far more intrigued by other new augmented reality tech, like Google Glass. So this website, which allows you to create Google Glass-esque mock ups of your life intrigued me. Enough to spend five minutes making these stupid little augmented photos.

Above: me making my morning porridge with Google Glass. Guys, I'm sorry. I eat instant porridge. I know, I disgust myself.

Also, I can't resist chocolate. SAVE ME GOOGLE GLASS!

Seriously. Google Glass will be everywhere. It will follow you everywhere. Pretty soon I won't be able to do anything without it.

Okay, so those are just some terrible, unfunny examples I came up with on the spot. Here are some genuinely interesting ones...

It's a pretty cool little site if you have time to kill.

Via Gizmodo


    Those last three are actually really cool.
    When the tech catches up that could really work well.
    The surgeons have a similar thing now, but glass is still awesome

    Before I even read your acknowledgement of the fact I was thinking......
    .... quick sachets? Mark? Really?

    And I was taking Porridge advice from you? I need to take a shower, I feel all dirty......

    EDIT: do you find you're money lasts longer if you keep it refrigerated?

    Last edited 14/05/13 11:16 am

      I think he puts money in the jar every time he takes a chocolate. *flies away*

    I could see this being filled with advertising and if that is the case I simply won't support it.

    I always thought you were eating Ronnie Barker dvds every morning. My mistake.

    Is that fridge money like a swear jar, but for everytime you eat a choccy instead?

    "5th beer, tap for a cab."
    Tap where? Poke myself in the eye?

      *starts to dial taxi numbers on the beer taps* Hello? Is this thing on?

    "That's not how you make porridge"

      always remember the Full Frontal version :p lol

    5th beer and needing a cab? Does your mum still change you too?

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