This Isn't The Box Art Of The Next Game From The Creator Of Braid

That’s because The Witness probably won’t have a box. Jonathan Blow’s next game will probably be a digital download, just like Braid, the acclaimed indie title that made him a super-successful developer. But the upcoming PS4 title is still going to need some sort of eye-catching visual promotion.

Blow shared these runner-up poster designs in a post on the official Witness blog and mentioned that none of these are actually going to be the artwork that gets used. Given how eye-catching these alternate images, I can’t wait to see what the one that picked by Blow & company. Environmental design — along audio engineering — will play a big part in The Witness’ puzzles so it’s great to see the game’s landscapes get the spotlight.


    But Braid does have a PC retail box.

    I had to study the images carefully for a bit, but I've discovered that in addition to not being the box art for the next game from the creator of Braid, it's also not the box art for Half Life 3, and while I admittedly don't have any evidence, I also suspect it's not the box art for Blizzard's next MMO, Project Titan.

    Do you think it would be useful to add these additional important facts to the headline?

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