This Machine Will Change Your Xbox 360 Discs For You, Captain Lazy

I use that term loosely, though, because while the day-to-day operation of it will certainly save you valuable time and effort, designing and building it must have taken some work!

Built by Finn zwenkka over the Winter, the LEGO contraption uses Mindstorm kit and an Android app to control a 20-disc carousel that can spin, insert and remove discs from the system.

Where was this for Mass Effect 3? Or Lost Odyssey?

Lego NXT Xbox 360 Disc Changer "The Carousel" [YouTube, via Reddit]


    I'd rather not wait 2 years for a disc swap and drunkenly wrestle with a case and other disc to change them. I might be a minority but it seems the creator of this has too much time on his hands

    Bundled free with every copy of "X-Box 360 Metal Gear Solid HD collection". Some assembly required.

    this is pre cool, but i like ben hecks version better, its alot faster, and much smaller

    This looks like a real time saver!


      I got frustrated as soon as I saw (and heard!) the little arm moving.

    Looks like a long time, but funny enough I would rather have that than BluRay mandatory installs. Take note MS and Sony!

    Holy hell that thing is ugly. I aliken this to those wall-mounted chair-escalator things for helping disabled folks get up stairs in their homes. I can't imagine anyone purchasing this who didn't have a disability making getting off the couch to change a disc some sort of torturous ordeal.

    LOL this is awesome but you wouldn't want to accidently select the wrong game :p

    Would it not be easier (and cooler) to get a CD jukebox and put a Xbox in it?

      Or one of those car multidisc readers. Convert it to dvd and wire up the reader and presto!

    It sounds like it is nearly as loud as my Xbox 360

    this TOTALLY goes hand-in-hand with Xbox 360's new Pizza Hut delivery app. all we need now is a robotic dog to unlock the door and bring the pizza to our lazy asses when the delivery guy arrives with breakfast, luch, dinner, and oh, some of those COD-grade adult diapers ordered from Amazon, too.... \m/

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