This Might Be My Favourite Humble Indie Bundle Yet…

This Might Be My Favourite Humble Indie Bundle Yet…

It’s hard to be objective because I can’t really remember what was on previous Humble Indie Bundles and what wasn’t, but this new one feels pretty special. It might be the best one yet.

The games in the bundle are…

— Little Inferno — Awesomenauts — Capsized — Thomas Was Alone — Dear Esther — Hotline Miami (need to pay more than the average to unlock) — Proteus (need to pay more than the average to unlock)

If you don’t have any of the games in this bundle I seriously can’t urge you to buy the pack enough. Of the games in the bundle I’ve played Thomas Was Alone, Dear Esther, Hotline Miami and Proteus. I loved all four of them. I’d advice you to get on this ASAP!


  • Love the Humble Indie Bundles, I’ve missed out on a few, but I’ll definitely be picking this one up.

  • Who doesn’t love Humble Bundles.

    I think Bundle V was my favourite so far:

    Amnesia, Bastion, Braid, LIMBO, Lone Survivor, Psychonauts, Super Meat Boy and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP.

    • Now that is a fine bundle! I would be upset about missing out on this but I own all of these games so I guess I can’t complain 😛

    • Yeah, that one was seriously amazing. This ones alright, Hotline Miami Awesomenauts and Proteus are very cool.

  • This is the first Humble Bundle where I don’t own any of the games, so picking it up was a no-brainer for me. I set Awesomenauts and Hotline Miami to download as I left the house for work this morning. 🙂

    • I think ‘interactive fiction’ best sums it up. There aren’t any standard gameplay elements to it.

      • Yeah that’s a pretty good description, but it’s also worth mentioning that the game is absolutely gorgeous both visually and audibly – beautiful environment and very atmospheric.

        It’s literally walking through an environment and hearing a monologue, you walk, you look, you listen, nothing else. There are no puzzles, nothing to find or collect, and no way to win or lose the game. I’m really glad I played it as it was a very powerful experience, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you go in expecting a “game” game. When you play it, just think of it as a story that is realised through a game engine.

        I love “game” games, but I’m very glad that games like Esther are being made as well.

    • I just posted below but I think they’ve done individual Steam keys for the bundles twice (this is the second time). So you can buy it and give away the ones you already have to friends or something so it doesn’t feel like a complete waste redeeming something you already have.

      Usually in bundles I’ll have some of the games but even if it’s a large majority, if the game I don’t have is good enough I’ll buy it anyway since it’s cheap enough 🙂

  • OK… can I start a completely separate topic here and ask people to give some recommendations on whether I should bother doing a media centre pc for steam gaming? I feel like I leave a bunch of games unplayed because I prefer sitting on my lounge to the computer, but I look through my steam account and find games like red faction, darksiders, civ 5 etc, which should be getting more use. How cheaply can I set up without sacrificing too much?? (I know I could trawl for a while and find stuff, but the kotaku family is like a filter for good ideas (and I few crazy ones)…) – Thanks

    • I play a bunch of games that don’t need super awesome specs on my laptop through big picture on the telly and a controller. It’s pretty good.

    • You wouldn’t really need a super mega awesome computer. If your video card has a HDMI output, you can hook it up to your tv and then use the steam big picture thing they brought out last year. I think most of the games now have decent controller support as well if you didn’t want to invest in a lap desk thing for your keyboard and mouse.

      At minimum I think you’d want to spend $500, around $800 – $1000 could get you something pretty decent that you wouldn’t need to replace for a few years. If it’ll be sitting on carpet, just make sure you give the fans a wipe down every few months to make sure it doesn’t get dirty

  • Little Inferno was great for such a simple premise. The story was intriguing as well.

    What an excellent bundle!

  • I always buy the “main” Bundles. I’m a fan of not having to have or create any additional accounts to play the game I just paid for, so the whole DRM-free thing is great for me 😛

    Was totally pondering how I could get to try out Dear Esther just last night, then this happens. Great stuff. Also rad that Proteus is in there too, and Hotline Miami.

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