This Might Be The Most Expensive Pre-Order Ever

Codemasters' racing game Grid 2 has a fairly expensive special edition that you can pre-order. How much is it? £125,000 ($195,000). What do you get for that kind of money, you ask? Well, Grid 2, for one. Also, a PlayStation 3. And a car.

Yep! Grid 2: Mono Edition, freshly announced by Codemasters, is a special edition pack that gets you not just a copy of the game and a console to play it on, but also a (£101,940, as Eurogamer points out) BAC Mono performance car featuring a special Grid 2 paint job. Not to mention a Grid 2-branded race suit, complete with helmet, boots and gloves, which will be tailored to the buyer — that's "buyer," because only one of these is up for sale. Bummer. The lucky (and rich) person who ends up nabbing this will also get to spend a day at the BAC factory.

For that price, they could have included an HDTV. Oh well. For us poor people, in any case, there's still the game itself, which comes out on May 28 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.


    A stupid idea and unesscessary waste of money.
    I want it.


      And I don't even have a license.

    That's pretty cool, you wouldn't be able to drive that on the main road though, would you?

      Sure you could. The cops wouldn't be able to catch you :P

      Actually, you probably could.
      It has Head/tail light, indicators, seat belts rear view mirrors and isn't on slicks.
      Though finding a road you could actually drive the car on without bottoming out somewhere would be a challenge.
      Potholes would spell you doom.

    The epitome of lame.

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