This Realistic Remake Of A Minecraft Character Is Super Creepy

The blocky 3D character models in Minecraft are funny, imaginative, and filled with character, but also anything but realistic. We love the little guy, but he's not very expressive when it comes to creating Minecraft machinima. Andrew Price is trying to fix that. Perhaps he shouldn't.

Price's renewed model has all the necessary improvements to transform Minecraft's standard character model into a horrifying polygon beast, a nightmare from the lost pages of a dark Maya design book.

Keep an eye on Andrew's channel for a download link, if you'd like to add this character for your Minecraft videos.

Creating a More Humanistic Minecraft Model in Maya: Part 1 [YouTube]

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    I've never been able to stand the 'graphics' of minecraft. Every aspect of it from the pickaxe to the models to the textures makes me cringe.

      i loved it years ago, it is definitely ugly. my problem is that the graphics are so shithouse but you still need NASA level PC to run the piece of shit on max settings. my PC can do practically any game i have on ultra except for minecraft..

      Last edited 15/05/13 2:54 pm

        in which case you are probably running a 64 bit OS and a 32 bit version of java

    We've got to install microwaaave ovens.

    Custom kitchen deliverreerererryyy

    We've gotta move these, refrigerators.

    We gotta move these colour TVs.

    But yeah, it's creepy.

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