This Samurai Duel Game Is Like Really A Violent Game Of Rock, Paper, Scissors...

At first it was really confusing. Then it clicked. And then I loved it. Bladeless was a game made for Ludlum Dare. It's a simple slicy/ninja/duel game with some pretty nifty Rock/Paper/Scissors mechanics. I can't stop playing it.

Apparently the theme for Ludlum Dare when this game was made was minimalism, so Bladeless is like a duel game stripped right back to its barest essentials.

Slowly, you approach your opponent. The game doesn't allow you to strike first. You must wait for you opponent to strike and then counter. Via some visual cues, you have to anticipate whether he will attack high, middle or low. Then you have to counter attack high, middle or low. The interesting thing is that once you've chosen to defend a specific position you can't change it. You simply have to wear the consequences of your decision.

It's tense, rewarding and pretty frantic.

It's also a great way to waste five minutes. I've kept the tab for the game open all day, jumping in when I feel like a quick five-minute break.

You can check it out here.

Thanks EdNgaluafe!


    Awesome multiplayer potential!

    Couldn't get past 2 until I figured out what to look for. New record: 3! That's progress...

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