This Shin Megami Tensei IV Trailer Makes Being A Samurai Seem Intense

Shin Megami Tensei IV, the upcoming role playing game by Atlus, is a game about samurai. The protagonist is a samurai, actually. That means you have two mandates: to take care of the demons (would this be an SMT game if that weren't the case?) and to keep the peace.

Also probably more than those two things, but hey. One thing at a time here; anything more will be revealed via plot twist while playing, I'm sure.

Oh, and, here's a cool new tidbit according to the YouTube description on this trailer: the game will have branching plot lines, along with the previously discussed StreetPass functionality. Sweet.




    Looks good but I'm not a fan of first person battles. Looks a bit cheapy :/

      Haha yeah, cringed a fair that opening bit. Hoping for Japanese track >> and while not keen on the 1st person view either, especially given the battle sequences of Persona, it's probably worth a look.

    Quite pumped for this. Can't wait to be rocking the Amazon preorder cardboard armour.

    Those battles look lazy in comparison to recent releases like Fire Emblem Awakening. If he's a samurai, I want to see some Samurai action.

    Ugh dat engrish
    I hate dubbed games..

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