This Slick-Looking BioShock Fan Film Is Out In Just A Few Days

We’ve seen surprisingly high quality fan-made productions based on games, as the work of Melbourne’s own Michael Shanks has shown on multiple occasions. Now we can add The Brothers Rapture, an amateur interpretation of BioShock due out on May 13, to that list.

Put together in six months on a tight budget partially funded by a “discreet” IndieGoGo campaign, The Brothers Rapture tells the tale of siblings Arthur and Charles, newcomers to the underwater city of Rapture. It takes place before the fall of the fictional society, where the decision to indulge in plasmids and tonics posed a significant moral dilemma.

The final product is about 18 minutes long and will be made available in a couple of days.

You might be wondering how the creators got permission to use the IP — turns out it was “one of the easier things” to sort out, according to an FAQ on the film’s Facebook page:

2K Games and Take-Two Interactive who produced and published BioShock are really cool companies to work with. It just took a while because we were basically asking for permission to use their IP for free. And they were trying to ship a major title (*cough*BioShock Infinite *cough*) at the same time. But they didn’t put any stipulations or restrictions on us, they didn’t ask us to change anything creatively. They just wanted to make sure that they were protected if we turned out to be crazy racists or something. They are really supportive of fan works and genuinely like seeing fans make cool things, so it was great getting to work with people like that.

It’s a shame 2K doesn’t hold the rights to My Little Pony.

[YouTube, via The Escapist]

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