This User Created Trials Evolution Track Will Blow A Hole In Your Brain

User created content always tends to be a little hit and miss, but an undiscovered genius creates something with the propensity to blow a hold in your goddamn brain every once in a while. This insane track, made using the Trials Evolution track creator, is one of those things. Wow. Just wow.

It's called Illusion 1800, and it's out of this world, far more visually complex than anything I've played in the game until this point. It's basically a constant barrage of visual tricks and sheer insanity. The first thing I'm doing when I get home is downloading this thing.

This is a must-watch.


    I'm more amazed at the spare time one has to do this. O_o

    Holy hell.... Haven't played this game for a while, looks like it's time to bust it out again.

    What in the hell did I just watch?!
    Impressive, though.

    Last edited 21/05/13 10:28 am

    That really was awesome. The way people can manipulate those in-game track creators these days is just astounding.

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