This Week In Games: Better Late Than Never

Slim pickings this week. Super slim. Hilariously, the two games that are being released this week are super old games that only just got their papers for Australian soil. Talk about being late to a party...

Persona 4 Arena (360/PS3)

What is it? A fighter based in the Persona universe that came out almost a year ago. Almost a year ago. Should you care? Apparently this is actually a little bit good.

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series (360/PS3)

What is it? It's the game you've probably already found a way to play, on Steam or any other online service. 2012 game of the year candidate. Should you care? Absolutely. By most accounts this is actually a game changer, one of the best games released last year. But I'm guessing most of you own this already.


    I don't know. A retail release of the Walking Dead that doesn't have an unshaven, gruff male holding a gun without trigger restraint and looking away? I don't think it will sell...

    Woo! Finally P4A gets to Australia! I hope Atlus learned something with this and never uses the region locking ever again.

      Yeh I spent $60 getting it imported only to find out that it is the ONLY PS3 game that is region locked....

    Been looking forward to P4Arena. So annoyed they region locked it, but at least I'm finally getting to play it...

    After I already bought the PSN version only to find out it won't work...

      The PSN Version even? Wow.. they really made a bad decision

    I think May in general is a lackluster month.

    Catch up on the shame pile I guess.

      Start of the summer blockbusters in USA. No AAA games or even good until September. Excluding Last of Us. Looks like a lot of re releases and licensed movie video games

      Last edited 06/05/13 11:30 am

        Dragon's Crown disagrees! :D

      I'm getting 2 games this month!

      And I would've gotten 3 if I had the spare cash!

      (semi-new releases DKCR 3D, P4A & Deadly Premonition DC)

    Oh well nothing this week but next week Metro: last light!!!

    Finally picked it up on Steam when it was not coming to Android or WiiU :(

    I have no idea why but for some weird reason I read the 360/PS3 part for The Walking Dead as 360/3DS...

      That would be awesome!

    I've been waiting for P4 Arena for ages! I love Arc System Works' fighters!

    I'll prob just stick to my purchases from last week.
    Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon
    Poker Night 2
    Back to the Future:The Game

    I've got the season pass for Injustice so I'll give it another run with Lobo

    I've had P4A on preorder since.... This time last year? Blegh. Hopefully NISA's involvement with new Atlus games will go well, since I'm tired of this crap.

    The Walking Dead I bought in a sale near the start of this year. So yeah.

    Do you guys really go through a game a month? I regularly still play games from years ago. And this year, Crysis 3 (it sucks), Tomb Raider (awesome) Far Cry 3 (good) and Blood Dragon (to be played), have all kept me way too busy.

    That and my 5th playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and my constant playing of BF3 and SF4 have me set for games for a long, long time.

    So many good games now.

      It's only just May, and you're playing four games from 2013. That's one a month :P

        Lol. Haven't played blood dragon yet, and played Crysis 3 for less than a week before it was uninstalled in disgust.

        My real project this month is Secret of Monkey Island. And Homeworld 2 has been looking at me from the book case for a few weeks now. And of course, HL2 has been a long time between drinks.

        You get what I'm saying?

      I've only bought one 2013 game so far, Blood Dragon last week! Though I do intend to get Tomb Raider, am lukewarm on Bioshock Infinite after people started saying it wasn't that fun and when August rolls around it'll be one new game after another!

        Aaaaahhh yeah.... forgot about that one. Bioshock Infinite. I loved it. Played it through again as soon as I finished my first run through.

        Damn I play a lot of games.

        Not as many as mark though. He's complaining that there's no games right now, and I'm thinking that we're drowning in quality titles.

    After the crap they pulled with P4 Arena, there is NO WAY IN HELL I'll be purchasing it. They gave a big F YOU to all the fans who would have imported and supported them without a second thought, if it weren't for the region lock. Sony should also have NOT allowed it to happen. One of the PS3s greatest advantages is that every single game other than P4 is region free. Yet they implemented firmware to allow publishers to do it, just like the 360, it is now up to publishers.

    They have removed a number of features that were promoted prior to the consoles launch and frankly, it disgusts me and sets a dangerous precedent. I import almost all of my games to save money and yet that isn't enough is it? Oh no, the fact Sony, the publishers, developers and the store STILL get my money just isn't enough. They HAVE to implement region locks purely so they can rip off Australian consumers as per usual.

    If you ask me, Sony should have been taken to court over implementing the ability to region lock games despite advertising it as a big feature many years ago pre-launch. As we all know, in Australia, region locks are considered anti-competitive. Even Bluray and DVD manufacturers have learnt this lesson.

    So congrads, now no one gets my money for P4 Arena. That's what happens when you think it's okay to take me for a ride!

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