This Week In Games: Metro Last Light Is Out This Week You Guys

Today has a big un. It also has a re-release and a game that should have been out last week. Yep, it's all happening.

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (PS3)

What is it? It's that weird game (even for Japan) that everyone talks about. It finally gets a proper release over here! Yay? Should you care? I think so, I'm planning to play it, just to experience it.

Metro: Last Light (360/PS3/PC)

What is it? The game that you will use to check your new PC for the next couple of years methinks. Should you care? Definitely. But I'd recommend getting this on PC obviously, if that's an option for you. That said, I've heard a few people are having technical issues with early copies of this. Could be fixed by a day one patch though.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (3DS)

What is it? It's Pokemon bro. Should you care? Sure.

Sanctum 2 (PC)

What is it? A sequel to that FPS/Tower Defence hybrid that many folks seemed to love. Should you care? Expands well upon a cool concept. Give it a try if you fancy something a little different.

The Walking Dead (360/PS3)

What is it? Bloody hell, this was supposed to be out last week. Urgh. Should you care? You know what? Just buy this digitally. Far easier. You'll never know if this thing gets delayed another week for some reason. You can already buy it a multitude of different ways, why wait?


    I can safely say that you can buy The Walking Dead In stores FINALLY

    The Walking Dead Telltale series is definitely already out I've seen the console versions of it plastered all over the new release shelves at my local stores, Metro and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon look good I might get either.

    I gave Metro 2033 a solid chance, I liked the aesthetic, but I got pretty sick of it around the time they introduced Nazi's. When I looked it up online and discovered I was only half way through, I packed it in. I wasn't really happy with the performance either - it was a benchmark more due to poor optimisation rather than visual excellence. Will keep and ye on reviews for the new game though, I'd love that aesthetic in a tighter package.

      Indeed. I had my new PC crash more times playing Metro 2033 because of poor optimisation rather than poor performance.

      Man I played probably the couple of hours, I found that the human enemies in the game took a RIDICULOUS amount of ammo to put down which made the game pretty boring.

      You’d creep around in the dark, sneak up on your unsuspecting enemy and then unload six rounds in their back only to have them turn around and a boring 5 minute fire fight ensue.

      I liked the setting though and would be willing to give the next game a chance. Just waiting on some reviews.

        I think that was my problem too. The stealth mechanics didn't work because you'd have to unload round after round into their head.

          I haven't played it in a while so my memory could be fuzzy, but to me it feels like you guys are talking about a completely different game! I remember the stealth being awesome, staying in the shadows, turning out lights or shooting them out, avoiding broken glass on the ground and wire traps, with multiple ways to tackle each area. And I remember enemies going down in 1 headshot, because ammo is money in that game so you couldn't waste it, Maybe you weren't pumping up your air rifles enough, but to me the game was amazingly atmospheric and very enjoyable. Can't wait for Last Light.

        I've heard that the game was better in this regard when played on higher difficulty. Apparently, even though you took less shots, enemies would also need less bullets plugged in them. I've gotta go back and give this a shot myself (backlog is too long at the moment).

          This is true.
          I played on the standard difficulties (before ranger mode was introduced in an update) upon release and quit not all that far into the game because of three things:
          1. Broken stealth
          2. 1090847272 rounds to drop someone
          3. Retarded low FOV

          I went back to it last year after giving it time to be patched up and so on.
          Jacked up the FOV and started over fresh on the ranger difficulty and thoroughly enjoyed the entire game. Pretty visually impressive in parts, too.

          I am now pumped for Last Light.

            That's good to know. Gotta jump back into it at some stage.

    I'm looking forward to Metro LL, but I've also noticed that it's taken a lot of slack due to the fact you have to pay $5 to unlock hard mode, since they've made it DLC.

    It doesn't worry me, but I can see why people would be upset.

      Wow. I didn't even know this. I never thought anyone would have the balls to do this. My mild interest in the game is now completely gone.

      Wow. Yeah. Same boat as @thom then.
      Damn, the one game coming out this year I was actually looking forward to and they go and do that.

      Last edited 13/05/13 6:25 pm

    Whoa whoa whoa, Last Light is out this week? That one sneaked up on me.

    Always wanted to play Deadly Premonition, but dont have a PS3. I can import the old version for 360, but I want the directors cut dammit!

    Also, what sort of game is Metro Last Night? is it ur standard linear FPS? or are there RPG elements? how open is the game?

      Metro 2033 had some minor, minor RPG elements and was pretty linear (most of it's set in a subway after all). No idea if Last Light will be similar to it or not.

        Yeah Metro 2033 is very linear, and I expect Last Light will be with same, with only a few side corridors to explore off the main path. Each area has slightly different ways of approaching it, but everybody is going to have exactly the same story. If you want an open world game with the same awesome atmosphere and a similar setting, then Stalker is your game. It's not as open as Fallout/Skyrim, but it's not far off it.

        Last edited 13/05/13 12:18 pm

      I hear it has lots of exploration, I doubt it's a big RPG/Shooter like Fallout more of a semi-open action/adventure shooter.

      That's my take on it at least.

        I can import the old version for 360, but I want the directors cut dammit!

          woops, I added in a "where" there , sorry

    Hey guys! Metro: Last Lights "Ranger" mode, which is the "way it is meant to be played", is just Day 1 DLC that was taken out of the game for retailers.

    do I need to play metro 2033 for last light? or will I be completly lost if I don't?

    Walking Dead was released on Thursday. Got my copy from EB. My net sucks so this was a better deal for me.

    Metro: Last Light! At last! *squee* This one's been on my preorder list so long, it's actually a console copy... I should probably fix that. I hope they've fixed the multi-monitor mouse issues 2033 had...

    Doesn't Last Light have the hard difficulty level locked as DLC?

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