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Wii U news has been grim for the longest time, to the point where new releases for the struggling console surprise me. Not a great situation to be in. That said, I expect a levee to break at some point and, above all, I will always anticipate whatever Nintendo brings to its own console. Anyway — that was a strange tangent — let's talk about the games being released this month.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (360/PS3/PSN)

What is it? Digital only release. New entry into the Call of Juarez series. Should you care? I haven't had the chance to play this. I will say, however, that previous games in this series have solid, if unspectacular, shooters.

Donkey Kong Returns 3D (3DS)

What is it? It's the 3DS version of one of my favourite Wii games ever made. Should you care? I'm not sure if this game did that well sales wise on the Wii, but I often feel like it was a little overlooked so you should play this game. It's amazing.

Dust: An Elysian Tail (PC) What is it? What? I didn't know this was coming to PC! Should you care? This is a bit of an indie darling. It's a beautiful looking game. I recommend it.

Element4l (PC)

What is it? An experimental platformer with zero enemies and a focus on flow. Should you care? It looks intriguing. Like the bastard love child of Loco Roco and Limbo, if you could imagine that. I want to play it.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Wii U)

What is it? A LEGO game that came out... almost a year ago on other consoles. That's crazy. Anyway, at least it's here I suppose. Should you care? It's a good game. I suppose if you only have a Wii U in the house, this might be worth checking out.

Resident Evil: Revelations (360/PS3/Wii U/PC)

What is it? Remember that pretty solid Resident Evil game for the 3DS? They brought it to consoles? Should you care? Yeah, I dunno. I felt like Resident Evil: Revelations was one of those 'good for a handheld things'. And I'm not the biggest fan of games being tailored for one specific device, then ported to another. Your mileage may vary.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (PC)

What is it? An Action RPG based on the novel Dracula, focusing on Van Helsing. Developed by Hungarian devs NeocoreGames. Should you care? NeocoreGames is known for standard RPG fare. I wouldn't expect greatness if I were you.


    I feel like i'm the only one happy with the Wii U launch. Pikmin 3 was slower than i would have liked, but since i'd only used my Ps3 for a select few exclusives, i deliberately waited to get multiplatform games on the Wii U. So i've got 6 Wii U games atm (not including NintendoLand, 3 multiplatforms, 3 exclusives), 3 eShop titles, 3 VC titles, getting RE:Revelations this week, and another 8 games before years end. 15 purchase-worthy games in the first 13 months of a consoles existence? Pretty happy with that.

    The Wii U has sold almost as many Ps3s in the same time frame after each launch in much tougher economic circumstances and without the really big selling franchises, yet so many people are ready to call it a failure. Yawn

      I am really disappointed by it's current line up, unlike you, I didn't really buy it for the third parties titles. Then I look back on when I bought the 3DS and was thinking the same thing and look at it now! Slow start, but I'm sure it will be worth it. I agree, people shouldn't call it a failure already.

      PS3 was roughly twice the price as the Wii U though, wasn't it? It's not really a good comparison then...

      But if people aren't allowed to doomsay what are they going to do with their time?

      I'm happy with the Wii U as well. I don't have as much time for gaming as I used to, really, so while some people might see it as sucky, I'm quite glad there was a 'limited' range of titles (which wasn't even really that limited). I've got, from whats been released on the WiiU so far, a bunch of single player games (exclusive and ports), a few co-op games, some party games, and a handful of eShop purchases. I... really don't need anymore right now. And, I just don't seem to care if some of those games were 'old'. "Oh no, Batman: Arkham City is coming out on the Wii U later than other consoles? And it's going to have the DLC and other bonuses?! Oh man the nerve!" Seems like if it's a good game it shouldn't matter if it was on a different console early. And getting a property out there to more people? What an awful thing.

      Plus the little things the console has, like being able to play games while others are watching the TV and the Miiverse are just great. And the Google Maps add was a little mindblowing.

      I dunno man, It just feels like the Wii U is declining in sales, when it should be growing. I don't know the exact stats and I do hate all this Nintendo bashing, but they have really stuffed up their presence in this next console generation. Would u still be happy with the Wii U if u didn't have the PS3 ?

    But Mark... the adventures are said to be INCREDIBLE! How can you say such thing?!

    donkey kong is on order for me, highly recommend dust (still haven't finished it on 360), resident evil... i kinda have to agree in a way... despite the visual upgrade it still feels like it was designed for the 3ds after playing the wii u and 360 demos...

    Eh nothing this week was gonna get resi evil but played and finished it on 3DS dont really see the point oh well the wait for company of heroes 2 continues

    I'm playing through Donkey Kong now on the Wii and it really is amazing. Almost every level has some unique and really cool mechanic/challenge, and even though it's in SD, the graphics (art style) is just beautiful, with lots of cool background animations interacting with the foreground. If you haven't played it and have any interest in platformers I highly recommend you pick up DKCR, it's not one to miss.

      Yep, and on 3DS rolling is controlled by a button press instead of that imprecise shake. :D

        Oh that damn shake... my vocabulary cannot describe how I felt about that.

    Wow. The constant negativity from the journo's about the Wii U is pretty amazing on this site.

    Why don't you just come out and say you don't like it and be done with it?

    I for one played a bit of super metroid today, and whilst I'm unhappy with the amount of games to choose from, I really love this console and can't wait for the releases to start coming.

    It's a really nice feeling console.

      It'll all turn around. Just after FFXIII's release it was all "JRPGs suck!"

      Give it a year, there'll be some games. Wii U will be everyone's fave console.

        I will still observe at the time, that it took a long time to get those games. But I look forward to that day.

        But I dunno if it will every be everyone's fave, nintendo seems to be a select taste. If you're a 'bro' then I think xbox, microsoft and EA will always be your fave.

        I am not a bro.

      It's not just Kotaku, but a lot of gaming sites are reporting on this grim news of the Wii U lately. They are welcome to their opinion, but when this is backed up by constant reports of developers choosing not to make games for it, publishers saying how crap it is and poor sales figures the negativity is valid.

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