This Week In The Business: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "If your latest game doesn't do well that's probably the end of it for you no matter whether you're big or small." — Dan Paladin, developer of Castle Crashers, talking about how unstable the industry is for both large and small developers.

QUOTE | "We believe PS4 has everything required to stay competitive in this changing landscape." — Quantic Dream co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumiere talking about how consoles and PS4 in particular will still offer compelling opportunities despite the rise of mobile and other platforms.

QUOTE | "Mobile will become the primary screen for gamers." — Juniper Research talking about the swift rise in gaming on tablets and smartphones.

QUOTE | "It's so far fetched that it comes to a point where it's kind of funny." — Game designer Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, talking about why he likes to put over-the-top violence in games like Lollipop Chainsaw.

STAT | 72 per cent — Percentage of gamers playing online, according to NPD; this is up from 67 per cent last year and gamers are playing nine percent more overall.

QUOTE | "I don't think I'd spend $US80 million on a risky title. I would spend $US80 million on 80 risky titles." — Compulsion Games' Guillaume Provost, talking about how he as an indie gamer would approach AAA publishing.

QUOTE | "In five years I don't think there'll be a reason to have a tablet." — Thorsten Heins, CEO of Blackberry, showing the marketing savvy that's led to Blackberry losing the lead in smartphones.

QUOTE | "Even though we have used bans, as a developer that is the worst action." — Jeffrey Lin, lead designer of social systems at Riot Games, talking about how Riot tries to reform toxic players instead of banning them.

QUOTE | "They're wearing it — hats, shirts, hoodies, backpacks, shorts, socks, flip flops and probably, if you looked, their underwear." — Jon Buller, VP of swag maker Marketing Instincts, talking about how much gamers love game-related merchandise.

STAT | $US11.9 billion — Amount that the PC online game market in China will rake in this year, according to research firm Niko Partners; growth is expected to slow but still add more than $US2 billion each year.

QUOTE | "Next generation, everything's going to have to be destructible." — Andrew Bowell, worldwide head of product management for Havok, talking about how physics is getting more popular in games.

QUOTE | "Treat it like a book; why not make a movie where the game started?" — James McTiegue, director of V for Vendetta, talking about how to make a movie based on a game that won't suck.

QUOTE | "Nobody wants to be told there are bugs in their work." — David Deeble, former QA tester, talking along with other QA testers about how thankless and difficult their job can be.

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    Mobiles will not become the dominant gaming screen...

      The only people who ever say they will are involved in the mobile industry. It's in their best interests if everyone believes it.

        And the game-publishing industry. People who are selling a product. These people are seeing that a product that costs fuck all to make and still rakes in as much money is the better option. And when they say 'gamers' will play this shit, they think 'gamer' is equivalent to, "Someone who buys our product," because they think their product is a 'game'.

    There's a reason why games like WoW, CoD and Skyrim make money. You have to have your CORE gaming customers who don't wanna play on a little screen with shitty controls happy first, then when they pass it as a good game, everyone else plays it. Simple as that. You can't design a game around skipping the important step of actually being a DECENT GAME. All these guys in their offices, OMG needs moar social network!, makes me fucking sick.

    Not everyone can come first in a multi horse race, why spend more money than you can afford with a risky competitor? Why not make something that's actually different and appeals to gamers with that same development money?
    /rant over

    “Next generation, everything’s going to have to be destructible.”

    ^ This, my disappointment as a Battlefield player, coming across to Black Ops II was great. It's a great game but I want the environment to be destructible!

    QUOTE | “Mobile will become the primary screen for gamers.”

    I'm so fucking sick of this sentiment. It screams 'outsider' like nothing else.

    No. 'Gamers' are not flocking to mobile, having seen the casual light. Mobile Gamers are a completely different demographic, who are discovering that there are 'games' (*spit*) on mobiles. Playing and enjoying them does not make them Gamers. It makes them mobile gamers. And there is a big difference.

    People who play and enjoy the big-budget AAA games on their consoles and PCs aren't currently, OR GOING TO, giving up high-def, surround-sound, mouse-and-keyboard or gamepad multi-hour immersive extravaganzas for the sake of fucking Angry Birds or Words With Friends. When Gamers DO go to play those devices, it is overlap because they are situationally in a place where they can't go play Games, but can play these Diversions. They're doing both.

    The only reason Gamers might find themselves forced to these trivialities as a 'primary screen' is because game publishers are looking at the difference in investment versus return between AAA games and mobile games, and saying, "Well fuckit, this AAA shit is no way to make money!"

    No-one commutes or shits for that long, and if they do, they have an unfortunate job or health problems.

    On those other gems:
    QUOTE | “In five years I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet.”

    Translate: "Hey guys. Don't worry, buggy carts are still viable. This automobile thing is too expensive and fiddly to be sustainable as reliable, long-term method of transportation for passenger or freight. Also, bitches love horses. I think everything's gonna be OK!"
    *nervous smile and thumbs up*

    QUOTE | “Next generation, everything’s going to have to be destructible.”

    Translate: "Next generation, everyone's going to have to use our product."
    *terrible, hopeful poker face*

    And re: the QA guy... Man. Every programmer should be sat down and forced to read the archives of Kurtz/PA's 'The Trenches' webcomic. Specifically, the mailed-in stories.

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