This Wii U Game Doesn't Seem As Polished As Its PS3 Version

The first Yakuza game debuted on the PlayStation 2. Last year, an HD version of the game hit the PlayStation 3. Later this year, it's coming to the Wii U. How does it stack up?

Today, the first screenshots for Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for Wii U hit the internet. Via 4Gamer, there were two images: One of the in-game world and another one of a map. Here's the game image:

And below is a screenshot of Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for the PS3, which was released last November in Japan. It's a nearly identical image.

Or is it? From this sole screenshot comparison, the Wii U version looks to have more jaggy edges than the PS3 one.

Here's how Kazuma Kiryu's jacket compares in each version.

Have a look at the truck in the PS3 version and in the Wii U one.

And it doesn't just appear to be jaggies. Look at how the vending machine textures compare in each version.

Online in Japan, people are now noticing the discrepancy between the PS3 and the Wii versions. This is only one comparison, so it's hard to truly discern the difference. What's more, Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Edition for Wii U won't be out until this August in Japan. Sega still has some more time to polish up the Wii U release. Hopefully.

『龍が如く1&2HD』WiiU版とPS3版のスクリーンショット比較!こ、これは一体・・・!? [オレ的]


    I am not surprised.

      I am, the WiiU is more powerful than the PS3.
      Wouldnt be suprised if it was just a quick shitty port.

        lolwut? Since when? For something 'more powerful' we've never seen ANYTHING yet on it to prove any such claim.

        Last edited 21/05/13 1:42 pm

          zombie u, batman, assassins creed 3 need more of an example douche fairy

            ZombiU has some *incredibly* muddy textures. It's a great concept but the low framerate, bland textures and stuttering framerate hardly scream 'next generation'. ALL the reviews point this out in graphic detail my man. Batman and AC3 look subpar compared to the 360 version

            Batman has minor differences, Wii U does a little bit of lighting better (I'd hope so given its newer architecture or else that'd be surely embarassing and the fact it's already a 2 year old game...) but the 360 does the smaller details such as facial movement far better and framerate in a more superior manner.

            Framerate analysis for all 3 versions 360, PS3 and Wii U. Whilst the Wii U exceeds 30fps in some sections, it also drops down as low as 20fps in others. Why? Its Vsync is not turned on unlike the PS3 and 360 who's framerate is locked to 30fps ensuring far smoother, far more consistent framerate. A much better experience when you don't have random framerate going on.
            "YAY IT JUMPED TO 40 FPS ON WII U!" Yep, it also dropped to 20 at one point for a fair chunk of time during a fight, when it stayed a solid 30 on both other consoles :O


            Hate to stomp all over your fantasy but in no WAY does AC3 look better on the Wii U. The 360 version was the best looking version of them all, outdoing the PS3 one slightly and here, with the comparison sliders, the PS3 trounces even the WiiU in terms of lighting, colouring, some textures and detail.


            But wait! There's more! Let's now look at it in motion, let's check out framerate. But a disclaimer. AC series has NEVER been the smoothest running game. So on all consoles, its always been fiddly. However, when you've got a near 20% different between the top (360) and bottom (Wii U) that's a bit... distinct.


            So yeah... better? No way.

            Improved FEATURES in some games? Sure! Definitely.

            Sub par? In a lot of areas they've done ports in. Most definitely.

            Are we likely to see some great Nintendo first party games? Obviously.

            The point here, is that we've not yet seen anything 'worthy' of such a claim. The WiiU will inevitably put out a great looking game no doubt, these games just aren't it? The one I hope IS it? Something that's not a staple pillar of Nintendo, Mario, Zelda etc. I'd love to see a third party create something that looked absolutely stellar on the console. Now be honest, honestly ZombiU looked kinda crap for how late in this generation we are, however, it gave a good starting point and played pretty damn well. So, the inevitable ZombiU 2? I hope it blows us away with how it looks. I hope it plays like part 1 with enhancements of course. Noone WANTS to truly see a console fail, we're all gamers, but noone should be pigheaded enough to side themselves blindly with one console. Companies don't give a shit about people, they care about your dollars. Nothing else. Nintendo doesn't know your name, Sony and MS don't know mine. I may or may not get a Wii U one day who knows, but I'll damn well play every game in my lifespan I can regardless of console :)

            Last edited 21/05/13 3:18 pm

            Batman and AC3 both had significant frame rate issues when stacked up against their Xbox/PS3 counter parts, so those were in fact worse for wear on the Wii U.

            You picked pretty bad examples. But yes there are some examples out there like NFS Most Wanted having better textures/draw distance

          You can prove the claim with technical specifications of the two machines and WII U's is vastly superior. Which isn't surprising at all considering the age of the PS3.

            What tech specs? Nintendo hasn't released any, and most external breakdowns I've read have concluded that its overall clockspeed is slower than the PS3/360, but it has that special GPU thing that can handle some CPU tasks. In theory, it is a more powerful machine, but in no one is going to bother going to optimise. So we end up with games like this one.

            Honestly, I think the real promise in the PS4 is that it has the same architecture as a PC.

          Right on. It's not about how powerful it is, but what you do with it ;)

          Stupid comment. Idiots who can't even google system specs? Why even bother commenting if you're ignorant self is just going to get embarrassed?

          If i play limbo on 360 and a high end pc then i can make an equally stupid claim that my xbox is 'more powerful' because i can't tell the difference.

    If you weren't actually looking at them side by side, would anybody really notice the difference, though? And since you don't actually play 2 different versions of a game at the same time on adjacent TV's, I don't think these differences really matter much. If the differences extend to things like noticeably poorer frame rate or something then it might become an issue.

    Just looks like with some of the shots the texture filtering is slightly different, so that's not really something you can claim 'polish' on.

    Im as disappointed with the Wii U as the next guy, but this is a bit harsh. Its a HD port of an 8 year old game. Its not even a true remake. Save the negative press for the consoles real issues.

      I don't think anyone was expecting a remake. With the two versions running with the same textures and models, the main differences you'd expect would be in things like anti-aliasing and how the textures are applied. And those seem to be the problems that the article brings up.

    The Wii U is a flop end of story. Myamoto is leaving and Nintendo as we know It will be gone as well. it's the end of an era it's not that hard to understand and it happens to the biggest companies out there. I always loved Nintendo but always more for their games then for their hardware. Now they just need to re invent themselves, and stop walking in Myamoto's shoes producing half baked products. Maybe they should just make games for now on.

    Last edited 21/05/13 2:50 pm

      People will accuse you of trolling, but honestly, I couldn't have said it any better myself.
      I think Nintendo have been stuck too far in the past for too long. They have definitely exhausted the Zelda and Mario franchises to death, and it will be really hard to turn that around.

    English HD version of Yakuza 1&2 please...

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