Time To Call Out Iron Man 3's Biggest WTF Moment

You know what, it's hard to argue with some of the stuff in this (spoilery) Iron Man 3 video from How It Should Have Ended. Specifically, how it calls out the movie's biggest WTF moment.

I liked the movie a good deal, but I had the same question at the end: Why on Earth did Tony blow up his suits? I get the gesture, and it's sweet and everything, but dude… you're probably going to need a suit at some point. Maybe even soon! Evil can be somewhat unpredictable, after all.


    You might wanna add *Spoiler Alert* in the title there somewhere, or at the very beginning of the article.

    But I do agree, that was a massive WTF? for me too!

      Um, there is a spoiler warning in the first line of the article... Also, if you're gonna watch a video entitled "How Iron Man 3 should have ended" without expecting spoilers, then... Well, I don't know what to say, I really don't.

        The video also said it contained spoilers.

        It's kind of like eating at macdonalds every day for a year, every meal, then complaining you got fat from it... you knew going in but goddamn it you did it anyhow! But surely SOMEONE ELSE CAN BE BLAMED!

          Ok ok, perhaps I was stating the obvious, so shoot me FFS
          Lay off already!


    For me the biggest WTF moment was the fact that he gets his chest fixed at the end. Considering in the second film the reactor is killing him, and it's a major plot point (also a massive plot point in number one) it seemed ridiculous that he just goes, "well I guess it's time for heart surgery" and gets all patched up.

    Suit destruction was a close second...

      A cut scene from the movie explains the Chinese doctor has worked out a way to possibly remove the shrapnel without killing him. Before this it was basically you can risk a surgery to remove it but you will probably die and the arch reactor keeping the metal in place was the best idea.

        Cut scene? Wasn't that a fake scene created for the Chinese public?

      The ability to heal via extremis allowed him to survive the surgery.

      In the first movie he needed the arc reactor to survive Afganistan, and after that he was so protective of the technology he wouldn't trust anyone else with it. In the second movie he was set on doing everything by himself whilst again keeping the cards close to his chest.

      By the end of three he's understood that he's been using the arc reactor as a crutch and is being too stuborn about it (as well as realising that he can't be Iron Man 24/7), and gets the shrapnel removed so he can get rid of the arc reactor.

    Well, he wanted to lead a normal life with Pepper I assume, so letting go of Iron Man was the only way no?

    Although Pepper is now one of the glowing freaks so I guess it still makes no sense then.

      She got 'fixed up' according to tony's narration at the end. So she's 'normal' now. I guess.

        I think he fixed the formula and injected her and himself with the new stable Extremis.

          Oh that's right, forgot about.

          So then my original sentence stands then.

          He didn't say anything about injecting himself with extremis, in the comics yes, but not in the movie. Nor did he say anything about making the extremis stable, he just said pepper was fixed and he got his shrapnel taken out.

            Umm at the 1999 party he started scribbling out something for the formula but never finished it. Maya came back to talk to him about finishing the formula and Tony knows he can fix it when he says that if he can scribble out that thing while drunk at a party then he can solve it if he had time to work on it properly.

              My point is that nowhere in the movie does it say or even hint that he injected himself. The only thing it shows (along with narration) is him getting the shrapnel removed from his chest. It also doesn't say that he made extremis stable, just that Pepper was fixed, from the tone of it I gathered it meant she was rid of extremis as I can't imagine she would want to stay all suped up.

    Yeah the first thing really annoyed me. You call out a terrorist but you do NOTHING to prepare?!

    Iron Man just constantly got his ass kicked in this thing.

      He called out a terrorist whose probably based out in the Middle East and gets attacked that very afternoon. He also did do something to prepare; he got in his suit. He just wasn't anticipating the Manadrin to have attack chopters ready to strike so quickly.

      But it fits Tony's character to think he's invicible and can outsmart the competition.

    Blowing up the suit represents old Tony getting over the obsessive emotional period you see play out in the movie.

    Kind of like how I deleted the 20 odd different Skyrim characters I once created when I was depressed and instead of of sorting myself out, distracted myself by explorer character builds.

    I like the way Shane Black didn't shove it down our throat with flippant exposition that cheapens the moment.

    Another thing is all the extremis-enabled lackeys that were just kicked off of bridges/into water that they conveniently ignored. They're not dead you know! Don't blow up your suit yet!

    My question always was: What about Roadies suit? Did he inadvertently blow up his best friend (who was carrying the President) in an attempt to impress his girlfriend?

    I mean, bros before hoes Tony. Come on.

      Rhodes' suit in this movie was a gift Tony gave him between 2 and 3 (and seen in the comics) because the War Machine suit wasn't designed for him and could have had negative consequences (which is why the Mark II is back in Tony's house), so it's unlikely Tony would have blown up a suit that no longer belongs to him.

        Ah interesting to know that it was a different suit which wasn't shown in the transition, I was going off the second movie where Roadie just flat out takes a suit out of Tonys house and then the military develops it.

        Still, I think my comment was about 90% misguided humour anyway.

    It was explained in the movie, the only reason he was keeping the suits was to pretect Pepper because he felt like he couldnt.

    Once he realised she was safe because of extremis he didnt feel the need to protect her so he destroyed the suits.

    They also explained why he was able to get the operation now and not before (using his own new technology which he created).

    How are they "wtf" moments when they're actually explained

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